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Clear Discoherency

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Dummmmmmy can't be beat!"
"Get a life.

Inuyasha Zero and Smiddle

Clear Discoherency (also known as 'InuyashaZero; formerly known as RapidRocker, 'Dummmmmmy and A; real name Josh) is a reformed troll. He originally started out as a user, but was convinced to betray the MarioWiki by Murzon. Inuyasha Zero then lost most of his friends, so he decided to eventually reform. Now most users of his enemies have neutral feelings towards him, though some still dislike him.

His sprites are represented as a Bald Cleft then became a Mrs. Thwomp (much to his disapproval, as he prefers to be represented as an Arceus).


User turned Troll

Clear Discoherency was just a minor spammer, and had many optimistic questions of Userpedia's articles until Crypt Raider was rather annoyed by his edits, and added him to his enemy list. Clear Discoherency asked Crypt Raider why he hated him, and Crypt Raider did not respond. Clear Discoherency said he would have his revenge, and spammed Crypt Raider's e-mail. Crypt Raider simply responded with a cuss insult. It then begin his grudge against Crypt Raider. The next day, Wayoshi impersonated Alphaclaw11 and planned for a "other way expressing his distaste", which was later proven to be an attempt to close Userpedia. But Clear Discoherency took this chance and spammed the wiki heavily, impersonating Wayoshi. Wayoshi proved it was not him, and Clear Discoherency had a few more spam attacks.

At about Clear Discoherency's fourth spam attack, Crypt Raider was very bothered by them being defenselessly spammed. Crypt Raider noticed Clear Discoherency had a link to the Humor Team on his signature. He used it to find his wiki, and began spamming it, exactly how Clear Discoherency damaged Userpedia. Crypt Raider was so pleased, he invited Anton(Hypnotoad) to come and spam. 1337Yoshi began spamming himself. About two hours later, Ye Olde Luke came and reverted most of the "tornado of spam". But the three users formed an Anti-Humor Team, along with a wiki. They spammed more and more until they found the Wikia Humor Team. Again they spammed.

Attempted Reform

After enough spam, Clear Discoherency missed being Smiddle's friend. He decided to admit he had autism and stopped the madness. It had finally ended, or so the users thought. Clear Discoherency was then banned by Xzelion, who said was no longer welcome at Userpedia. He was originally going to simply wait till his ban expired but a mysterious person named "Damian Payne" (actually a disguised Murzon) contacted him and told him that Xzelion a corrupt person who must be stopped.

Under Murzon's orders, Clear Discoherency broke off the truce he made with the Userpedia, vandalizing and flaming Xzelion. One such article he created was called "MRLEMON," which told about his plan to create a Userpedia account on MySpace to attract spammers. After Clear Discoherency sewed a string of sockpuppets, Xzelion, under the alias Black Soldier, joined the Anti-Humor Team (unofficially) decided to strike back and vandalized Clear Discoherency's Humor Team Wiki.

After Clear Discoherency attempted to reform again, shortly thereafter Murzon spammed as Munchlax, who was thought to be Clear Discoherency. Although Munchlax didn't spam for long, this made users believe Clear Discoherency hadn't stopped. Later, Clear Discoherency was banned by Xzelion for his previous spams.


Months later, Icrguy (shortened to IZ) appeared on Userpedia and constantly talked about how he hated Clear Discoherency, and talked about "what would happen if he came back." Icrguy was not a user of the Super Mario Wiki, but claimed to be a person from an unrelated chatroom. His main goal was to find Crypt Raider's e-mail, after he fooled him into thinking he got a new e-mail with past events of flame wars.

He later founded New Userpedia, which is intended to be a free wiki away from Xzelion's "corrupt" rule, and New UnMarioWiki, but both were quickly taken over by spammers from the MarioWiki and Userpedia and he has abandoned them. Clear Discoherency later visited the chatrooms of Userpedia and MarioWiki, telling users about how his troll group will take over both wikis.

He has been seen spamming the LuigiWiki, believing it was made and owned by Crypt Raider. GreenKoopa has been fighting his spam, and hates Clear Discoherency for said actions. After spamming LuigiWiki, Clear Discoherency proceeded to spam HyperToad's other wikis, perhaps implying he now holds a grudge against HyperToad, a member of the original AHT.

Clear Discoherency later made a sockpuppet (impersonating Smoke) called "Smoke on Wii fit" and proceeded to vandalize on the Super Mario Wiki. The sockpuppet was soon stopped by YellowYoshi398 and Blitzwing, but Clear Discoherency stated that he made the sockpuppet and that the sysops were "helping him." In response, Blitzwing blocked him indefinitely. Later, the actual Smoke made a sockpuppet saying he wasn't Clear Discoherency.


After Clear Discoherency making a point while reverting spam on his new Humor Team G2, Crypt Raider decided to make a treaty. They ended the spam madness, and Crypt Raider even allowed Clear Discoherency on Mi Wiki as long as he doesn't spam (or the treaty would break). Clear Discoherency later spammed Murzon's forum with some other users, and is mostly accepted into society nowadays making friends with users such as Crypt and Hemu, and is additionally one of the UnMarioWiki's few active contributors.

Later, Clear Discoherency gave a history of his userhood on his newly-founded RapidRocker Wiki:

I want to make this page to clear up all the rumors about me being a stupid, vicious troll loser who has no life. This is going to document why I spammed.
Early on in the wiki I just sat there and watched the wiki starting in UnMario, I had no internet experience I just read the unmario wiki. Which is when I had the idea of a combined wiki for my humor team. Later, I became interested in the wiki community and I eventually found userpedia. Then I saw unmario being turned into userpedia. I messed around in editthis and made a wiki by mistake. I edited it and decided to join the wiki. However I was mad about my dial-up connection and decided I couldn't be a user until I got faster internet. So I spammed.
Keep in mind that I was a noob. I couldn't wait until I got faster internet so I annonced that I was reforming on userpedia. Eventually I joined wikipedia also I started my quest for power there. Smiddle became one of my allies in wikipedia as well as the MW. So I got this plan to move articles from mw to wikipedia. However Wayoshi said to delete my template and it was gone. So I experimented with skins on wikipedia. Then I noticed that MW had only one skin, I tried it and it messed up my account. So when I was at my uncle's house I made a sockpuppet named problem fixer to ask steve to fix it(I didn't have email yet so sockpuppets were the answer to me). I also asked Xzelion to fix it but he only answered with casual remarks and crypt got mad at me for interupting his conversation about a sprite comment or something. This was the beginning of my rivalry with crypt raider and the strengthening of my rivalry with xzelion which began all the way back when I was A.
Steve fixed it and to prevent a situation like this again I got my own email. When I was doing the unmario-userpedia merge into a universal wiki plan crypt would not tolerate it. I foolishly interupted his conversations and made talk pages about articles that didn't exist. Crypt got mad and started criticising me and I got mad also. I sent him an email because I was bored when I was sick but crypt thought it was spam. After all this criticism I asked him why he hated me. He gave no reply so I spammed his email and he gave me a cuss email back. I began a flame war with crypt and master crash got involved then I started a flame war with everybody. I thought this was funny at the time. But at the same time a controversy was going on about FG's sockpuppet. I wanted to get in to the controversy for even more attention so I made a sockpuppet named Fly Guy 3. It caused chaos which was what I wanted but I admitted it because I couldn't keep myself from admitting it. I was blocked for a week.
During this time I became bored. I wondered why murzon wasn't on the new userpedia(he was but as MurzonDice). So I made the murzon account as a prank because I thought nobody would notice. However Murzon was on so they checkusered me and it was revealed it was me. So they made my block one month. However I wanted more attention. After being home after my dad was on leave I was at school during the time(so if this confuses you). I wanted attention so I spammed with my first sockpuppet being RAMBO(that was what I thought of before I spammed). I spammed with 27 sockpuppets(I was going to make more until I made the account sockpuppet 100 when lunch time came). I got lots of attention, anonymous attention because they thought it was wayo. But to break the chaos smiddle checkusered the sockpuppets and it was revealed to be me. I still got lots of attention so I saw no reason to stop spamming especially because if I stopped spamming it would go back to the same old boring userpedia.
But smiddle said that he wasn't going to trust me if I spammed so I decided to stop. But Xzelion stopped me from reforming because he lost trust in me. However a strange person using the alias Damian Payne (later revealed to be murzon) emailed me and told me spamming was the answer because Xzelion was the enemy that corruptedly blocked me. Instead of spamming I made an article on userpedia called MRLEMON that someone in the wiki had to choose from 10 cases, the first one is to let me join userpedia. The rest of them have a different spam plan in them. But no one chose a case. So I made an IRCguy plan to get important information that I could use to spam, such as crypt's email, the anti-humor team secret sites, and other confidential information. However I was lazy and gave it up.
So I just relaxed as a regular user, trying to reform many times on userpedia. However, when my ip was blocked I realized that I could still edit with ircguy and I spammed giving a message that I no longer cared and was mad. For this the AHT went to extremes. When I tried to make a new userpedia, one that I could finally edit but it was spammed. When I made a new unmario it was spammed also. I had an important humor team wiki that was part of my life's plan however I was outnumbered by spammers. I tried to make an anti-spam plan with Ye Olde Luke but he was interupted by college classes. So to counter-attack them I spammed their wikis hoping I would make them angry as they were making me. I later explained the spam endless cycle thing to Crypt and we decided to make a treaty. However many users still regard me as a troll and that's where this page comes in.

Clear Discoherency

Relations with Maria Thalia 01

CD during April of 2009 was in the negotiations with Maria Thalia to try to stop her spam and even had her added on MSN.


Despite all of the troubles between TehDman and CD, they have since then became great friends. Often talking in query, they commonly play games together, discuss personal matters, and others. They used to playCounter-Strike 2D a lot together in TehDman's custom maps.


Clear Discoherency is a semi-retired user who occasionally visits chat from time to time. He spends most of his time chillaxin' and doing school work during the school year. He rarely visits; usually he visits about 5 times a year. His inactivity has actually spawned a rumor about him dying in a plane crash until he de-confirmed it by showing up in chat.


  1. A (original troll account)
  2. Problem fixer
  3. Problem fixer 2
  4. Dummmmmmy (reformed user account)
  5. Laura3 (sister's account, though only he has used it)
  6. Fly Guy 3 (impersonating Fly Guy 2)
  7. Murzon (impersonating Murzon)
  8. RAMBO
  9. BeanBean‎ (impersonating Beanbean)
  10. Saudy (impersonating Sadaharu)
  11. ND storm
  12. Dumster
  13. Willy on Wheels (impersonating Willy on Wheels)
  14. Porplemontage‎ (impersonating Porplemontage)
  15. Waffle King‎ (impersonating Smiddle)
  16. Cath Sith (impersonating Cath Sith)
  17. WaYoshi (impersonating Wayoshi)
  18. LOLster (impersonating Guiliant)
  19. Pwnzor‎
  20. Mccoolister2 (impersonating Mcoolister)
  21. AgentSeethro (impersonating AgentSeethroo)
  22. Crash 2 (impersonating Master Crash)
  23. Max3 (impersonating Max2)
  24. Fly Guy 4 (impersonating Fly Guy 2)
  25. Great Gonzo (impersonating Xzelion)
  26. Rocky‎
  27. Alpha claw 13 (impersonating Alphaclaw11)
  28. Sockpuppet1
  29. Sockpuppet2
  30. Sockpuppet3
  31. Sockpuppet4
  32. Sockpuppet5
  33. Sockpuppet100
  34. Ali wayoshi and his 100 sockpuppets (impersonating Wayoshi)
  35. RapidRocker (current non-Mariowiki account)
  36. Ircguy
  37. RapidShocker
  38. Smoke on wii fit (Impersonating Smoke)
  39. Clear Discoherency (current Mariowiki acount)


  • On November 2008 he was seen trying to corrupt Mario's image with a supposed hentai in the proposals, yet the hentai was unofficial.


anime is corrupting american teenagers minds so we must stop it" "He's an idiot.

RapidRocker, in chat, then Snack in Real Life



This message comes straight from the top. Hk and Tails Doll will not stand for this. If you continue on with your misguided crusade, the Curse of Cordero will befall you, and one day not only will you be asked to sit down, but you will be dead one day as well, and so will all your grandchildren. Your belongings will belong in a museum, but it will take a long time to get them there.

HK telling RapidRocker not to make a new Cheese Lovers

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