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Rainbow Jorge (species)

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Rainbow Jorges migrating as seen in the comic WTF Tales.

The Rainbow Jorge is an endangered animal-type creature (classified as a bird) commonly found in warm climates across the Wiki World. It was originally believed to be just a folktale but sometime in April 2009, Rainbow Jorge sightings kept being reported in the outskirts of New Wikisburg, MarioWiki and users soon began studying them. Rainbow Jorges are most often found in the south where it is warm, living in Mayan styled temples, located in a very large forest known as Needah-Nayme Forest. They roam around freely in their habitat. It is believed the Rainbow Jorges themselves built the temples they live in.

Every Winter, the cold season reaches their forest and Rainbow Jorges are forced to migrate North in large flocks scientifically called "Bargle Nawdle Zouss". Most often, the flocks of Rainbow Jorges will stay at Wikipedia or UnMario Wiki. Their names come from the fact they have a rainbow shirt and resemble the MarioWiki ex-sysop Paper Jorge. If provoked, a Rainbow Jorge may violently attack alone or with a flock. A Rainbow Jorge is unable to swim, as once their wings touch the water, the wings get wet and become heavy and slowly starts dragging them underwater to their death. It is estimated that 1,500 Rainbow Jorges die per year because of this.

Unlike most animals, Rainbow Jorges are capable of speech, however their language is not very advanced. They will only say several English or Spanish words however they most often only make an odd noise which sounds like "Dweeee!" A theory states that Rainbow Jorges learned speech many years ago from an user who was traveling in their forest and taught them several English and Spanish words and the RJs then passed on their newly learned language on.

Physical Appearance

A Rainbow Jorge somewhat looks like a mix between a human and a bird. These creatures have black hair on the top of their hair, large noses, brown eyes (some Rainbow Jorges have blue or black eyes) wings growing from their back and oddly enough, they have rainbow shirt, green pants, black shoes and even glasses, closely resembling Paper Jorge, as previously stated. An average Rainbow Jorge, in height, is about 4'9.


Rainbow Jorges will find food in the Needah-Nayme Forest growing from trees such as apples, pears and bananas. However, RJs mostly love snacks like potato chips, muffins and pizzas and loving and caring RJ-supporting users have planted Muffin Plants, Pizza Plants, Potato Chip Plants across their forest so the RJs can enjoy their snacks. Rainbow Jorges only need to consume two types of food a day to stay healthy. They store they unfinished meals in their temples, and will eat them later or have another Rainbow Jorge finish it.

Reproduction and Life Span

Usually, RJs only live up to the age of twenty-the oldest known Rainbow Jorge ever found was twenty three years old. As all RJs are genderless (but in writing, they are mostly referred to as male), they have an odd way of reproducing. When they reach the age of eighteen years old, eggs will begin appearing inside their wings. When the Rainbow Jorge reaches the age of twenty, the eggs will begin to hatch creating new baby RJs and the Rainbow Jorge will soon die. A newborn Rainbow Jorge is born without wings but will grow wings at the age of one or two.

Outside of Normal Habitat

Sometimes, Rainbow Jorges are captured and brought into Zoological Parks where they are fed pizzas and muffins and several other snacks. A Rainbow Jorge in a zoo is kept inside a large class cage so it doesn't fly away but it has a lot of room to fly freely with several other Rainbow Jorges. Some people can also keep Rainbow Jorges as pets and can train them. A rumor stated that one could marry a Rainbow Jorge if he or she lived in Wikipedia. This rumor was proven false when some odd noobish user attempted to marry a Rainbow Jorge but the marriage was denied.

As of July 4, 2009, Rainbow Jorges have now become a type of food sold in the MarioWiki, mainly in a branch of KFC called KFJ ("Kentucky Fried Jorge") started by Porplemontage. The most popular part of an RJ sold is the wing, as it tastes like a chicken except with a lemon and Pepsi type flavor. Due to this, RJs are now officially endangered species.


A Rainbow Jorge was found in #paperchat on June 17, 2009. This discovery attracted many users from the MarioWiki Channel. Soon, they discovered the Rainbow Jorge attempting to speak in English but failing and having grammar. Although the users tried teaching it English, users like Super-Yoshi and Master Lucario began teaching him inappropriate words which lead to others following. Soon, RJ began constructing sentences except with the inappropriate words and it soon was found hilarious and many more people came in and began playing around with the poor, confused Rainbow Jorge. After Jorge cleaned his mind a bit and made him forget the bad stuff, Mip II came in chat again and the two seemed to get along fine this time and befriended each other. Dman then named Rainbow Jorge Steve after Porplemontage and the name stayed. Most of the times the RJ now comes in #paperchat, he goes through some sort of brainwash and forgets the events of the previous day.

Late June 2009, the Rainbow Jorge from Paperchat's body was found covered in blood and was missing his wings. Authoroties studied the situation and discovered that several users and Heavy had gotten tired of his random blabbering and decided to kill him. The Medic cut off his wings with a chainsaw while Pyro cooked his wings and served them to users at a Chinese restaurant. DarkHero Sonic the Dark and the Heavy happily munched away to the wings and took the remaining wing on a trip to a camping trip. The rest of the wing was eaten. The body of the Rainbow Jorge remains in the Wikisburg Cemetery.

Popular Culture

  • In the Userpedian comic WTF Tales by Paper Jorge, several Rainbow Jorges appear in the "Into a Moron's Mind" segment[1]. This is the first time a Rainbow Jorge appears in the media-humorously, this comic was made before Rainbow Jorges were proven to be real and the comic depicts them as just living inside Paper Jorge's brain.
  • In the Userpedian game Super Smash Bros. Wiki, which is a fighting game, one of the characters (Paper Jorge) has a Final Smash in which he summons a whole army of Rainbow Jorges.
  • In the game Scribblewikinauts a Rainbow Jorge can be summoned. The Rainbow Jorge will dive into enemies-it can also help MikeScott fly in the air and uncover hidden secrets. It can be summoned by typing "Rainbow Jorge", "Rainbow", "RJ" or "Jorge".
  • A Rainbow Jorge appears in the Userpedian Fan Fiction The Resurrection of 132 more specifically in the chapter Name. Here, an RJ's job is to revive Jorge every time he gets shot in User Soup