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Race to The Start

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Race to The Start
200px Teaser Trailer
First Aired 12th May, 2009
Rating TBA
Genre Action/Adventure
Style Action/Adventure
Created By Brayds2006
No. Of Comics 5 (as of September 19th 2009)

Race to The Start is an action/adventure comic made by Brayds2006. It started on May 12th, 2009. After a long hiatus, the show entered forced retirement and is expected to expire sometime in July.


Three Months into the Future, MarioWiki is seized by an Evil Dictator and is plunged into chaos. A small group of Rebels want to overthrow him, but find his army is too strong. They then hear of a Legend stating that a Potion exists that when drunk, would reverse the drinker's timeline and any interactions with life. They then set off for it, but find they are not alone on their adventure...


Prologue Chapter

Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3

Chapter 1 - TBA

Issue #4
Issue #5


Resistance Group

  • Henrydamoose - Humorous/almost never serious
  • SonicMario - Strong, and Silent. Occasionally cracks a joke.
  • RedFire Mario - Tough, serious, but sometimes joke around
  • ParaBob-omb - Hyper, Nice, Childish, but has a temper.
  • KingAbra - Generally friendly, but extremely paranoid. He has the ability to control things with his mind for a short time.
  • Totodile3456 - Random, gets angry when driven to being angry, usually nice. Is usually seen playing GBC.

Evil Dictator & Higher-Ups

  • Evil Dictator(May not appear straight away): Shadowblasta Sprites here. Corrupted and rather ruthless, Shadowblasta is actually female but her minions call her a "him" because they're too scared to see her in person.
  • Minion 1: Purple Ninjakoopa - Not so much evil as opportunistic.
  • Minion 2: Koopa-Paratroopa - As evil as Blue Dragon, but more idiotic. Uses Turtwig to fight people.
  • Evil Army Leader: The Blue Dragon - Eviiiiiil, but somewhat idiotic. :)
  • Evil Army Follower 1: Neurario - Possessed by 'ChaosNeu' and made to work for the enemy. Occasionally witty, mostly not.
  • Evil Army Follower 2: GreenFire Luigi - Like Neurario, GFL got possessed and trying to take down his bro, RFM. GFL is similar to RFM, but gets scared often and jokes around a lot.

Other Evil People

  • Black Hole Sun -- I like to think of myself as the nihilistic b*stard who wants to crush everyone else's happiness; Psychotic, but amazingly clever... Ya know, like The Joker. Also, I will be a bad-ass rock star in this comic, thank you.
  • DarkHero Sonic the Dark -- A very serious hedgehog who can easily be annoyed, he can be pretty smart and clever too. He doesn't like to follow orders and does things this own way.
  • Link the Sailor-Likes to joke around, but on the battle field he is ruthless and very powerful. He has no mercy and will kill in cold blood just to get a point across. Sprites on sprite page. Use Evil sprites.

Bad Guys

These people are the Bad Guys the group will encounter along the way, trying to kill them for some reason or other.

  • Vicarious - An assassin hired by an unknown group. He stops at NOTHING to get the job done.
  • Hemu - Evil, cold-blooded, Cruel, yet Cunning, Clever, and highly tactical
  • Dnera - Tries to kill all the protagonists with his Dneres. Goes for the money as well, but he didn't know that that money-part was a trick.


  • Master Lucario - An anti-hero. He may seem all tough and bad, but maybe a kind heart lies underneath that harsh exterior.
  • Purple Yoshi - She doesn't want to be involved in the race or whatever, and tries to help everyone.
  • Ultima Bahamut - A Scientist-Mercenary.
  • Master Crash - Somewhat serious, can be a bit sarcastic and jokes around every so often.
  • MarioBros777 - Mercenary, doing whatever he feels like, but is always good-hearted inside.
  • Arend - Tries to help anyone in problems from antagonists, mainly Dnera. Has a bag stocked up with infinite 1-Up Mushrooms.


  • Brayds2006
  • Iggly and Melitis - sitting on a bench.