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Puddin's House

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Inside and outside view of Puddin's house.


This is the house where Puddin lives. So far, his house has been in The Three Mushketeers, Struck by Evil, Brawl of the Wiki, Extinction: Rise of the Mutants, and Anton the Fifth Mushketeer. The garage is where Puddin parks The Puddin Mobile. Puddin shows a Capsule Corp logo on the side of his house because it is a portable capsule house.


The Three Mushketeers

Puddin's house was seen in issues 28, 29, 95 and 96.

Brawl of the Wiki

Puddin was ambushed in front of his house in Episode 6 of Brawl of the Wiki.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Puddin was at his house when the nuclear explosion and blast happened.