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Princess R

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Princess R is a non-user and the fictional girlfriend of Scorpion999. She is skilled in fencing, swimming, drawing, and playing the trumpet.


Princess R is the princess of the Sound Kingdom, a kingdom that is big on music. She was born to King Bass and Queen Chordia.


Scorpion's Story

In Scorpion's Story, R is a mercenary and in chapter 2, she appears to have a deal with Scorpion and vice versa. It is later revealed she was forced by Iras to sabotage Zero Corps. R decided to help Zero and Scorpion defeat Iras, which, after thinking, Zero agrees and let her free. After the sysops (who are later found out to be trolls) attack Zero Corps., the trio flew off in Zero's gunship. Zero introduce R and Scorpion to Sarai, which at this point it seems like R has a grudge against Sarai. When R was startled by the sudden battle she pulled out her sword and try to get to an area of the ship. It was restricted until she made provocative gesture to the soldier, who was guarding the way, which he then let her through. When Scorpion and R fell into the ocean, one of Neptune's minions spotted them and rescue them while they were unconscious. When they woke up, they were in a medical room being treated to. R is startled and frightened by the truth of the evil side of Scorpion known as "Ragnarok". Neptune tells them they have to go to Kommrikk Island to get more supplies for the battle, which they agree to go. After Scorpion came back with Ceres from the jungle R seems to have another grudge with this women also.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Red Lazer and Princess R from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Princess R first appeared in Chapter 5, but unnamed. In Chapter 6 she rudely questioned Sarai's doing on vaporizing the Zero impostor.