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Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure/Prologue

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Ten years ago, in the year 2014, thirteen-year-old user Pokémon Trainer Red, or Red, started his Pokémon journey with Cyndaquil. Then a meteor struck the planet. Almost every single user was killed. There were only fifteen survivors. Red and Cyndaquil were almost immediately joined by the Charlie's Football Shack owner, SuperMario25, who claimed he was Link. Cyndaquil was trained for survival, and quickly skyrocketed to level one hundred. Now a Typhlosion, Red trained him to speak English. SuperMario25 found a sword, a dagger, and some flint in the former Sysop Tower. Every night, SuperMario25 always struck his sword against the flint, and made a fire.

The other twelve survivors, who turned evil due to the radiation, always came back to life after they were killed. It took a few hours, but they revived. They weren't themselves. They acted differently than they did before the meteor struck. For example, Neptune used to be British, but now he said "soccer" instead of "football", and such. Neptune also claimed that Bowserpedia was never spammed at all, saying it was the "perfect wiki". The only users who could even attempt to save the wiki were the bureaucrats, but they all were killed.

Red found an ancient scroll in the Wiki Library, saying, "Mundus cum periculo ire ad occidentem oppidum procul Opera praeter Infinitate Montes inveniant Crystal Sagittas, quae conservant saeculi," which in English, is, "When the world is in extreme peril, go west, far away from Encyclopedia Town, past the Mountains of Endlessness, and find the Crystal Arrows, which can save the world." Red only understood because his seventh grade class learned how to read Latin so they could understand the text inscribed on the Ancient Roman monuments. Red had no idea what Encyclopedia Town was, so he checked the library for more information, and he found a half-burned book called The History of Trollsboro.

He read that it was founded as Encyclopedia Town in AD 12, became Wikisville in AD 1014, and became Wikisburg in AD 1935. The rest was burned away after the library caught fire with the meteor, but now he had a good lead. He had to go west from Trollsboro until he found the Crystal Arrows, and saved the world. He told Typhlosion and SuperMario25, and they started out their trek to Trollsboro.