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Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure/Chapter 1

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SuperMario25 used his magic pack that has infinite space, which he had sold when he was a football/soccer gear shop owner, and packed up the group's portable shelter. When the group reached the border of the two cities, the group remembered that the bridge was broken. It had been, after all, ten years since they last were here. Red went to an old building, which used to be his house, and got wooden planks, and also grabbed a hammer and some nails. After about an hour, he finished rebuilding the bridge. The group walked across into Trollsboro. They walked past the heavily vandalized buildings, and left Trollsboro, entering the Valley of Nothing. They walked for around six hours, and set up camp. SuperMario25 got out the shelter, and made a fire. They all went to sleep, except Typhlosion, who was on guard duty for the night. The next day, they ate less than they would have if they weren't on a quest, because they wanted to conserve their food. Red put on his hat, SuperMario25 put on his Link costume, and Typhlosion burned down a dead tree. They were all set.

They walked for about half an hour, and saw Neptune, who attacked them on sight. Red cut Neptune's face with his knife, making a large cut, leaking black blood. Neptune ripped a large dead tree out of the ground, and crushed SuperMario25 with it. Red grabbed his dagger, and stabbed Nepune in between the eyes. Neptune exploded in black sand, and Typhlosion threw the tree away. SuperMario25 came to, and the group trekked farther, and reached the Unpassable Rock Barrier, the rock wall exactly in the middle between Trollsboro and the Mountains of Endlessness.

"If Porplemontage were here, he wouldn't allow the wiki to fall into despair," Red muttered. SuperMario25 didn't remember Porple, as he thought he was Link, but Red told him that Porplemontage created the wiki, and thus, had the power to save it. Typhlosion cursed under his breath, and Red could feel why. They spent years practicing understanding each other's feelings and expressions. There was an enemy amongst them, and Typhlosion could sense them. A dark user who joined in 2012, Stargatedalek, who now called herself Avela or Leva, was there. Typhlosion could sense who someone is by their unique body temperature. Typhlosion used Lava Plume, and erupted like a volcano. SuperMario25 thought Typhlosion went crazy, until he saw who was attacked. "For Hyrule!" he cried, swinging his sword wildly at Stargatedalek. His sword bounced off. Stargatedalek had special armor developed for patrollers and up, created right before the meteor. The armor could turn into normal clothes, or back to armor. She took a gun that shoots acid, and burned a hole through the sword. The sword was now in two pieces, one with the blade, one with the hilt. It would be impossible to fix the sword. Stargatedalek took her sword out of its scabbard, and cut off Typhlosion's star necklace, which was given to him back when it just started it's journey with Red. Typhlosion got angry, and torched Stargatedalek to death. She would be back all right. She just had to wait patiently until she came back. "Why that little..." After Typhlosion stuttered a bit, he cursed to describe her. Red tried to calm him down, but like the Pokédex says, his hand got a burn from the heat of Typhlosion's anger. Literal heat. SuperMario25 whined about losing his sword until Red told him to shut up. Red then said, "Let's get going before Stargate comes back." Typhlosion and SuperMario25 quickly agreed. Dark users could run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier objects than normal users could. They were like super-fied versions of themselves.

Typhlosion used Dig, and, like the name implies, dug a hole. Red followed. "I hate dark, small spaces," SuperMario25 complained. "Get in or we'll leave without you!" Red replied. SuperMario25 jumped in, and Typhlosion plugged up the area they already passed. "So no one follows us," he explained. Typhlosion kept digging, and the dirt he clawed flew back and filled the space behind the group. They could only see in the darkness because of Typhlosion's fire ring around its neck, that it only lit when it was angry, or needed light in cramped areas. This case was obviously the latter. Typhlosion suddenly stopped. Red and SuperMario25 were confused, as Typhlosion started digging upward. Sunlight poured into the darkness. The trio climbed out, and they were on the other side of the barrier. Typhlosion kicked the dirt pile that he made when digging upward, back into the hole.

Red's eyes widened. An animal, a male deer, a buck, was grazing on the grass of an oasis. There were fruit trees everywhere, but what most got Red's attention was the water. They could refill their canteens that were dried up the day before. Red didn't even wait for his canteen, he just jumped in the lake and started drinking the water. Typhlosion attacked the deer, impaling its heart with his claw, and blood poured everywhere. "Who's hungry for some venison tonight?" Typhlosion asked, stifling back a laugh. He didn't even wait for anyone to answer. He just cooked the buck with his Flamethrower attack. They set up camp, and ate. "This is the most delicious meat I've ever had," said Red, who was practically attacking the venison with his mouth. SuperMario25 just finished his share, and was begging for Red's. Red waved him away. SuperMario25 went to his bunk, and fell asleep almost instantly. Typhlosion went to his bed, and began to snore. Red was taking watch for the night. He stared quietly at the stars. "Beautiful aren't they?" a familiar voice asked. It was the ghost of Red's mentor, Lakituthequick, who was a wise Lakitu before he died from the asteroid. "Yes," Red replied, still gazing at the stars. "They're the one of the only beautiful things left to see on this planet," Red continued, "Although I never just thought of them as balls of burning gas, billions of miles away. I thought of constellations and ones I could make up, like Constelmontage, the constellation of Porple. After the meteor, I thought of them as the shining spirits of all my deceased friends. WenI read that scroll, I still think of them as my friends' spirits, but now I think of them as reminders of what can come back if I find the Crystal Arrows." Lakituthequick stared into the distance, a smile on his face. "I must leave now. I'll come back when I feel you need it. We shared a bond since the time you were just a little boy. We can sense each other's feelings, an ability I can use to understand my trainees' emotions. You have gained that ability, and shared it with your Typhlosion. I think you'll understand more about this someday. Well, be seeing you," Lakitu said. Red waved goodbye, and Lakitu faded away.

The sun was starting to rise, and dawn was approaching. Red shook SuperMario25 and Typhlosion awake. SuperMario25 rubbed his eyes, and Typhlosion stretched his arms and legs. "SuperMario... er... Link, pack up the shelter. Typhlosion, get ready. I feel a battle is going to start," Red announced. As SuperMario25 packed up the shelter, Red grabbed his dagger, Κόπτων, which is "slasher" in Greek. Red was always facinated with the ancient Greeks and Romans, so he named his dagger in Greek. "Show yourself, you coward!" exclaimed SuperMario25, who was done packing. Dark power swirled in front of them, and Toad85 came out. Toad85 was obsessed with taking over the world, and wanted to establish his own dictatorship. Toad85 wore a white t-shirt, a blue vest over the shirt, white jeans with a gun holster on the waist, and a yellow scarf. Toad85 took a revolver out of the holster, and shot at Red. Red deflected the bullets with his knife, and the bullets ricocheted to the ground. Red ran at Toad85, and Toad85 shot him in the left shoulder, gushing blood. Red passed out from the agony, and Typhlosion rushed to help, as he was trained for medical emergencies. SuperMario25 deflected bullets with his knife, getting a direct hit on Toad85's right lung. Black blood poured out, and Toad85 was gasping for breath. SuperMario25 put him out of his misery, stabbing Toad85 in the heart. Toad85 seemed to turn into black sand that blew away in the wind. Red started to stir. "This will sting a bit," Typhlosion told him. Typhlosion got some disinfectant, and cleaned out Red's wound. Red groaned in pain. Typhlosion put a red bandana around Red's shoulder, using it as a makeshift bandage. Red struggled to get up, holding his shoulder with his right hand. Red staggered, and almost collapsed. Typhlosion caught him, and held Red up so he wouldn't fall over. Red pushed him away, refusing help. "I-I g-got th-th-this... Ugh..." Red stuttered. SuperMario25 was cleaning Toad85's black blood off his knife. "We have to go!" hollered Typhlosion.

Red struggled to walk because the pain in his shoulder was immense. Red bent over, and grabbed his knife, putting it in its sheath. The group walked through the Tunnel of Confusion. It lived up to its name, as it was a confusing maze of cobweb-covered rock, with a roof. The only source of light was the reflection of SuperMario25's dagger, as Typhlosion didn't want to accidentally light the cobwebs on fire, roasting the trio to death. SuperMario25 reached a fork in the maze, where Red insisted on turning left, while SuperMario25 wanted to go right. They both agreed it was a bad idea to split up, so they went left first. It turned out to be a trap. The stone path was weak in an area, with a hollow area beneath. Red fell through the path, and landed about ten feet down in a hole. Red tried to check for footholds to climb on, but they were too small. SuperMario25 looked for rope in his bag, and couldn't find any. Typhlosion jumped down, grabbed Red, and grabbed the ledge at the top of the hole. He swung Red up to the ground by SuperMario25, and pulled himself up. They decided to go right, and found a decaying map of the maze. SuperMario25 followed it, and bumped into something. He looked up from the map, and saw Neptune staring right at them, with a wicked scar on his face. "What do we have here?" Neptune bellowed. Red slashed across the length of Neptune's forehead, blinding Neptune with blood. Neptune retreated into his shell, and hit SuperMario25 into the air, who then hit his head on the stone wall, getting knocked out. Typhlosion blasted fire out of his mouth, setting Neptune's shell on fire. Neptune returned with a punch, hitting Typhlosion backwards. This gave Red an opening, so Red stabbed Neptune in the back of his head, dissolving Neptune into black sand. Typhlosion picked up SuperMario25, and Red read the map and reached the exit. They had reached the Mountains of Endlessness. Their journey was far from over, though. The Mountains of Endlessness expanded farther than any mountain range in the world. It could take years to reach the other side.