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Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure

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Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure
Creator Pokémon Trainer Red
Debut 6 November 2012
Genre Post-apocalyptic fiction
Latest Issue Chapter 1
Rating None

Post-Apocalypse: The Adventure is a story by PTR. It takes place in 2024, ten years after an Template:Wp destroys most of humanity. Only fifteen users survive, twelve of which have turned corrupt. The other three users try to save the world by finding the item that can save the world, the Crystal Arrows. It is set to be rebooted some time in the future.

Characters confirmed

Normal users

  • Red is a twenty three year old user who always wears a red hat. He used to have fingerless gloves, but they got lost in the apocalypse.
  • Typhlosion is Red's starter Pokémon who has been trained to speak English.
  • SuperMario25 is the owner of Charlie's Football Shack chain of businesses, which is sometimes called Charlie's Soccer Shack, and he had amnesia after a meteor struck and began to think he was Link from The Legend of Zelda.

Dark users

  • Neptune is the former general of Bowserpedia.
  • Stargatedalek, nicknamed Avela or Leva, is a twenty-six year old user who thinks she can save the world by herself, and won't hesitate to kill anyone in her way.
  • Toad85 is a snarky user who formerly owned a sofware factory, which is now destroyed, and always wears a blue suit and yellow scarf.

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