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You may be looking for Kingbowser99's pet Poochy99.

Behold the full spectrum of divinity.

Meet your lord and saviour.

2257, Jorge Wiki

Poochy, also known as The Divine Dog, He Who Walks On Lava, and Barker of the Vast Woof, is a canine supporting character who debuted in a Nintendo game called Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. As a faithful friend to the Yoshi protagonists in said game, Poochy brought a whole generation of players joy, and perhaps also frustration if you were going for 100% completion, but mostly joy. Apart from being an iconic video game character, Poochy is also an omnipotent deity who created the universe as we know it. As a god of creation, Poochy guides our universe with benevolence, although since he also has the mindset of a dog, accidents sometimes happens. These accidents manifest themselves as disasters of cosmic magnitude. Poochy also ain't stupid, and everyone who speaks to the contrary is obviously non-canonical.


A long time ago, when time itself had barely started keeping track of itself, there was a vast plain of nothing at all. This turned out to be sort of bland, but it was also an ideal condition for cosmic dog deities to run around and frolic in the blackness of space. After spending several eternities prancing around in nothingness and being generally adorable, Poochy decided that it was time for something new. He sat down and, using his front paws, pushed his collar over his head. The removed collar soon became the base for our universe, encompassing every star, planet, and other celestial body known to man, as well as a good deal more, because man doesn't really know shit about anything. To this day Poochy remains in the center of the universe, keeping it in perpetual motion by trying to catch his tail.

Several billions of years after the great creation, Poochy seemingly appeared in some Japanese guy's dreams, sending him messages for unknown reasons. The Japanese guy reacted to these messages by putting Poochy's effigy into a video game that should be known by the world as Yoshi's Island. The game turned out to be a commercial success and was exported into other regions. At one point in the Wiki World, a recently deceased Dry Bones called 2257 got a hold of a copy of said game. While playing it and witnessing Poochy walk on lava, the Dry Bones achieved enlightenment and the secrets of the universe were revealed to him. Having found the obligatory chosen one, an avatar of Poochy that was conveniently also named Poochy descended, and became 2257's animal guide. For some unknown reason, 2257 thought it would be best to give Poochy to his son Paper Jorge as a present. This situation lasted for some time, but Poochy eventually ran away and ascended again.

After Poochy's ascension, 2257 designed and built a robotic duplicate of Poochy, which was named P00CHY. P00CHY retained everything the original Poochy embodied, minus the omnipotence. It was kept as a bot in various chat channels for a short duration. It had an affinity for licking everyone who entered the channel, executing various tricks during conversations, and looking quizzically. However, P00CHY was tragically destroyed when 2257's computer exploded in January 2010.

Nowadays, Poochy exists out of reach for mostly everyone. Several believers have gathered around his myths and are worshiping him as the doggy deity of creation. While Poochy keeps mostly to himself, 2257 is still able to contact him in times of need or boredom. Poochy can be asked for various favors, but this is very risky considering that 2257 does not speak Canine, and the effects of it vary greatly. Another avatar of Poochy is currently occupying 2257's MarioWiki signature.


P00CHY was an actual chat bot that was deployed throughout a few channels once. Its script was written by 2257. Its main function was to insert various more or less canine-typical actions in between conversations. It also greeted everyone who entered the channel by licking them. P00CHY could reply when spoken to, and it could be given some simple commands. Whenever someone issued a command it was not programmed to understand, it would reply by "looking quizzically". It also sometimes exploded when someone queried it.

P00CHY's script was destroyed beyond repair when 2257's computer malfunctioned in January 2010, and subsequently the bot was lost forever. No attempts of restoring P00CHY have been made since then.

Lines P00CHY said in chat:

  • "P00CHY licks (user)"
  • "P00CHY plays with an egg"
  • "P00CHY walks on water"
  • "P00CHY walks on lava"
  • "P00CHY rolls around"
  • "P00CHY looks at (user) quizzically"
  • "P00CHY explodes"
  • "arf arf"


Jorge and the Family

Poochy wanting breakfast already.

Poochy is the family pet dog in Jorge and the Family, given to the family as a Christmas gift in the episode "X-Mas". He replaces Doshi from Friday Night Live. He usually just appears in the comics wandering around with his tongue out receiving no speaking role. He appeared due to a joke in the Jorge Wiki that 2257 (Jorge's mom in the comic) made, saying Poochy was a god and that he appeared in Mario games "as an allegory for Jesus."