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Pikdude is a User. He was a user of the original Userpedia, and the next one, and finally, the current Userpedia. He is a very old user who has been on Userpedia for a long time. He hates it when people call him "Pikedude".


Pikdude first became a citizen of Userpedia way back when, before the Great Userpedia Kaplooie. He quickly became very good friends with Mcoolister and others, and even played a match of Super Smash Bros Brawl with Warioloaf once. He currently resides on the ice planet known as Kopla. Kopla is home to a cold, but not freezing, climate, and several ice variants of regular creatures. Pikdude's actual home is a place called Ice Pond. Ice Pond is a mostly underground area kept warm only by a sophisticated heating system, with curiously shiny and unmeltable ice walls. Ice Pond has room for many, many guests, and a standing Pikmin army of at least 100. It is maintained by Ice Shy Guys, and patrolled by the elusive camera creature, a living camera. Then came the afore-mentioned Great Userpedia Kaplooie, and all of Pikdude's careful articles linking and re-linking was lost. He became slightly depressed. He joined on the second Userpedia, but then that one died as well. This third and final Userpedia is visited only infrequently by Pikdude, for he has found that his name has mostly passed into legend and rumours by now.