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Not to be confused with Phoenix Rider.

Member of: MarioWiki
Rank Autopatrolled
Species Grand Star
Join date October 8, 2010
Gender Male
Allies Lilkaykaygal, Garlic Stapler, Mario jc, Fawfulfury65, Coincollector, MCSoulja, Porplemontage, Marioguy1, MrConcreteDonkey, Platitudinous, Tucayo, Propeller Toad, Ultramariologan, DyegoHalliwell IceMario12, Bowser's Luma, VideoBoo, Gamefreak75, UltraMario3000
Likes Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, and any type of seafood foolish enough to get within close proximity of his mouth
Dislikes Math (which is evil), Sharks (which are deadly), and Red-Eyed Cyborgs (which are both evil and deadly...not a good combo)
Age 21

Phoenix is a former Sysop and former Bureaucrat of the Super Mario Wiki.


One day Phoenix was in need of some Mario-related information, so naturally he Googled "Cataquack", which was what he was looking up. To make a long story short, he eventually ended up on the Super Mario Wiki, which he joined on October 8th, 2010. Of course, at that point, he had no idea what that was, but he checked out a few other articles, and noticed a few errors on some of them. So, he created an account, logged in, and fixed them. When he started to learn how to do stuff, he kept editing stuff for a while. Eventually, he got enough edits, and after a week, he became autoconfirmed. Ever since then, Phoenix has been on the Super Mario Wiki pretty much every day of his waking existence, just editing random stuff here and there, and sometimes creating an article or two every now and then. Personally, Phoenix thinks he is a little bit better when it comes to designing graphs or lists of things than anything else, and has done so on a few pages that he noticed didn't have them already. He has also edited some other pages, mostly just where there were major errors.

Phoenix was promoted to Bureaucrat on 2nd April 2014 for his hard work on the Super Mario Wiki. Shortly after, his activity sharply decreased and Walkazo demoted him to an Autopatrolled user on 15th November 2014. On 23rd May 2015, he returned, and rejoined the administrative team as a Sysop. On 19th December 2015, he was demoted again for inactivity.


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