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The map of the planet

Penitus (Pronounced Pen-Ih-Tus, litterally meaning Internet in Latin) is a large planet in the Sentian System in the Sombrero Galaxy. It was accidently discovered by a group of thirteen people, with their leader being the legendary founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.

The Planet has 19 different continents. The most notable being the Continent of Google, has over 269,000,000 people living there.

Different Continents

Wiki World

(Main article: Wiki World)

The Wiki World is the Information center to the whole of the planet. It includes such places as the Mariowiki, Userpedia, Wikipedia, and many other wikis like these.

Before the days of the sun's rising, the Wiki World was once a horrific, desolate wasteland, filled with carnivorous creatures and dangerous men. The Wikians, however, were resistant against the horror of the creatures. After the battle of the Wendigos, the sun rose for the first time.

Now, the Wiki World is home to several different species, including Koopas, Men, Piranha Plants, Goombas and Yoshis, to name a few.

Frozen Farc

The Frozen Farc is a large ice region connected to the Wiki World and the Ice Enclosure. Though being an icy, cold, desolate land, it is populated by many Wikians. These Wikians are those who go on Hiatus, or more often Retirement. The most obvious landmark of the Frozen Farc is Mt. Glacier, a tall mountain in the north western region.

Though it is an independant continent, it is most often mistaken to be part of the Wiki World. This is possibly because of the fact that only Wikians have ever visited that continent.

Ice Enclosure

The Ice Enclosure is a huge ice region connected to the Frozen Farc. No man has ever been recorded to walk on this continent, but the region has been discovered by many people before. The region is recorded to be completely empty, a barren wasteland of nothingness.

Macademia Realm

The Macademia Realm is a small continent off the coast of the Wiki World. It is often known as the place where the Wikiverse meets the Marioverse. The Island, despite being quite close to the Frozen Farc, is actually normally quite warm and sunny. The Island has many different cities and landmarks.

Troll Insula

(Main article: Troll insula)

Troll insula is believed to be the birthplace of the troll race. The geography is mostly unknown due to visitors being attacked by trolls. The Mastermind troll may have visited here. The continent has interactions with the Wiki world via wiki attacks.