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Peachycakes 3.14

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Peachycakes version 3.14

I'm not closed-minded, you're just wrong.

Peachycakes 3.14, Forums

Peachycakes 3.14 is a rex that once impersonated Peachycakes, his real name is Vex T. Rex. He also has a brother known as Nex the Rex. He also has no idea what a rebel is.


He was born on Yoshi's Island but was later forced to leave after The Great Disruption, an event that forced many citizens of Dinosaur land to migrate to the mainland. Little of his history is known from this point, except that he trained under The Master and learned the secrets of shapeshifting from a scroll hidden in a dungeon. Years later, he found his way into the Super Mario Wiki through a strange portal, and he was a regular guest there for a while, though he did not join until after he graduated from The University of Mariology. Thinking it would be funny to use Peachycakes's name, he joined the Mario Wiki under the name, which resulted in a prompt warning from Cobold who believed him to be a Sockpuppet. However, Peachycakes 3.14 has since proven to be a trustworthy user, though a somewhat annoying one.


A. Rex in Spirit Lies, drawn by Edofenrir.

As a child, Vex could suck up items and spit them out. For example, eating a fireball would let him spit out bursts of flame, while eating a berry would let him squirt juice. As an adult, Vex has mild shapeshifting powers (gained from a mysterious scroll) that he uses to transform into a peach duplicate. They are also used to shape his wings into ones that are more suitable for flying and shift his body into that of a Shroob Rex when he is under hypnosis. He also has fire breath.

As of late his Shapeshifting powers seem to have improved, as he can now shapeshift into a much wider variety of creatures. His peach form has also manifested strong magical abilities, which he strangely does not possess in any of his other forms.