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Gentlemen, gentlemen, do calm down.

Paula's reaction to some nasty argument in the Chatroom
Member of: #Super Mario Wiki
  1. Userpedia
Rank #User
  1. User
Species Human
Join date #13:58, 20 May 2009
  1. 01:20, 24 May 2009
Gender Female
Allies Alex25, RedFire Mario, DHS, Neurario, FireKirby, Zephyr Mage, Paint It Black, Smiley, Boozooka, Marioguy1, Castle Toad, Mr bones, Beanbean, GreenThunder, and Boxer 502.
Likes Helping, reasoning, coffee, cheese, pie, chatting, video games, music
Dislikes Bullies, conflict, trolls, being accused of being CT
Specialty/Most Active Spelling, typing
Aliases PSI Paula
Score #104 edits
  1. several edits
Age 16-17

Paula is a user on Userpedia and the Super Mario Wiki. She is also a constant visitor to the Chatroom and goes onto #mwchat, #mwikitalk, and #userpedia. She is always ready to fix typos/mistakes in the Super Mario Wiki pages, and tries to work through problems each others in the MarioWiki chatroom.


First appearing in the chatroom around May, 2009, Paula came to Super Mario Wiki for both information, and online friends. She found the wiki through online searches after getting stuck on a certain Mario game. After befriending some users, Paula began to come back more often to the chat room, also editing pages, fixing typos and small mistakes. One week before her birthday, Paula revealed that she was a lesbian.

On Thursday, February 26th, 2010, Paula claimed she would leave the chatroom. However, she returned on Sunday, March 7th. In late July, she announced she would try to make her own sprite comic called "Rise of the Trolls". It soon became clear that she had no skills in comic making, thus the comic was scrapped.

Sometime in early 2011, Paula was hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction, but made a full recovery. August 21st and onward, Paula had become noticeably bitter and angry at times, and began to rarely come to the chatroom. While most could care less about this, her few friends questioned her. She revealed she had just been going through some "tough" times, and chose to distance herself from others. While her cheerful demeanor seemed to have been coming back, she still isolates herself a lot.


Castle Toad

CT and Paula are good friends, at a time Paula and CT had a disagreement that caused the friendship to break. The two are beginning to build it up again. They are rivals on Mario Kart Wii. She also enjoys sharing comic/picture links with him. She was happy that he was upgraded to a Sysop, but couldn't help but feel a little jealous.


FireEevee and Paula are friends, often roleplaying playful fights in the Chatroom.

Paint It Black

Tabuu and Paula are good friends, chatting with each other when they get the chance. They are also rivals on Super Smash Bros Brawl, fighting online.

Boxer 502

Paula and Boxer 502 are good friends, enjoying roleplaying every chance they get. It is rumored he has a crush on her, she denies this however.


Paula respects Marioguy1 very well, he also helped her make her Userpedia page.


The two are pretty good friends, although Paula has a big crush on her (surprise surprise). She steals her hat often.


Paula is generally very kind and well-behaved. She is described to be very sweet and cool by most, some think she is too good however. She treats everyone with respect, and is civil with everyone and does not hold grudges. Although she is a little creeped out how some Users tend to use old message logs of her's against her in arguments. She is aware that many of the male users in the Chatroom has or had a crush on her, at first she felt awkward about it, but she became used to it after a while. She usually speaks in pink colored font in the Chatroom, but has been known to speak in black colored font when sad or depressed, and becomes quite bitter in this state.

She is known to rarely swear, but if she gets pushed too much she can be a little nasty. She is overall a friendly person, and tries her best to stay out of trouble. She doesn't handle losing very well, and has admitted to being a bit rowdy when it comes to competition. If you fight her on Brawl or race her on Mario Kart Wii, expect some trash talk. She has no real enemies in the Chatroom, other than Trolls and idiots.


Paula is able to type pretty quickly, and spell very well. She is also known to be pretty intelligent, but not with Internet terms.

She is also a fairly well fighter, using her PSI Powers, and large blunt objects in fights. While wearing a red headband, she is able to pull off a Shoryuken.






"Let words be your weapon." -Paula quoting someone else.

"Hi everyone!" -Paula's common greeting upon entering the Chatroom.

"Now now, no need for that." -Paula's reaction to a swear, or insult.

"o_o" -Paula when confused, speechless, or weirded-out.

"I nearly ate my pants!" -Paula when very surprised or excited about something.

"C'est la folie! FOLIE! (This is madness! MADNESS!)" -Paula practicing her French, and her reaction to the Chatroom craziness.


  • She has Eisoptrophobia, the fear of mirrors.
  • Paula is left-handed.
  • Unsurprisingly, she is a Pacifist.
  • Paula suffers from Obsessive–compulsive disorder, and a number of mental sicknesses.
  • She can play the Bass Guitar.
  • Her favorite genres of music are Metal and J-Pop.
  • Has a habit of spouting random (often useless) information, and quotes from her parents/friends. She also has a habit of over-apologizing.
  • Paula is severely allergic to pecans.
  • She tends to fall asleep while sitting up.
  • Paula has confessed to being a pyromaniac.
  • She once ate a dog biscuit because "it looked good".
  • Can speak a little French and Japanese.
  • She tends to get very crazy after drinking energy drinks.

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