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Paul is Arend's real life brother and Non-User. He's circa two years and six days older than his bro. He got almost every Mario game for the DS except for Super Princess Peach and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (DS) (Because Arend got that already)). He owns every Mario game for the Wii except for Mario Super Sluggers which was never released in Europe. His favorite Mario characters are Luigi and Wario.

Paul sometimes uses Arend's account to help the wiki a little. He also once made up a game for Userpedia, known as User Party, one of the first 3D fanon User games, which appeared in the top three of the Best User Game of the Mario Wiki anniversary in the Userpedia section.

Paul is a kind person, but sometimes he argues with Arend. It differs who begins the fiasco. He's Arend's primary partner.

Paul created the new logo of the Mario Wiki when people were getting sick of the old logo. He used Arend's account to upload it and some months later it was used as the new logo of the Wiki. Paul has created another new logo but hasn't uploaded it yet.