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Parody Logs

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Parody Logs is a parody of Coded Logs, except better and less-lamer. It is made by Turboo (and posted/recovered by Paper Jorge) and is most likely their last work ever on Userpedia.


  • This will be my final post on this blog. After this I will be creating a new one. Userpedia is dead. All of the good articles and users and a lot of great comics died. I’m not going to tell you about it since you probably heard it on the news. I can’t believe… I just can’t believe this… I’m the one of the only awesome users left alive, so by default… I am now the Steward of Userpedia. I really don’t care. I would give it up to see awesome people one more time. But they died when the server went down. Actually good comics died too. I was right, ScribbleWiki was a horrible host because they couldn't keep their backups safe, and none of you idiots believed me. You thought they were good? I’ll show you good. I control the wiki now. But I’d give it all up to see the old DP or 1337 or the old Wikisburg or even to read Server's End again oh God oh Userpedia, I don’t want this, I don’t want to be a lame user, I just want everything to go back to the way it was, please random people, let it all be fixed

There are those who say that Fleep gained special powers when Userpedia was sucking ass, these powers being fueled by the rage that anyone would dare make it suck even more.

Fleep did something.

She slammed into a telephone pole, somehow knocking her onto the roof of Wal*Mart.

“Do you know the shitty wiki, the shitty wiki…”

Trollperson ate pie.

“Do you know the shitty wiki, who sucks-”

The pie easily choked Trollperson.

Trollperson died.

Fleep lol'd.

She laughed some more.

Ate cake.

Fleep nagged Jorge, with a look of nagging on her face.

Jorge was not dead after all!

Jorge could not be dead.

That would be impossible.

Because Paper Jorge would always live through his wife's nagging.

He was a survivor.


  • The Funeral

Everyone now knew that Userpedia had been shit. It'd been eating shit. No one knew what it came from.

It was the funeral of Userpedia. Hundreds of users sat in the seats before the coffin, not a wet eye on any of them. Music played cheerfully in the background.

Fleep looked around. Jorge was there, partying too… Both Porplemontage and Wayoshi believed that this was a triumph, and that they're making a note here. Oh, God, Userpedia… why did you have to suck so much that we partied when you died?!

Fleep stood before the coffin. Strings streamed from her party hat. It'd died to make us happier…

S-Y was slumped in a chair at the back of the room watching Barney. Barney… of all the shows I could have been forced to watch, Barney… Barney, who had been involved in odd legal cases before… Barney, who had been so failing at humor… but he’d never fought the strong resisting eyes of Super-Yoshi before. It could have been hellish to most, but no!

And to think everything had started out so sucky.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang. Half of the wall came crashing down, revealing Ing, carrying millions of bags with stolen Wal*Mart merchandise in them. “Delivery for Mr. Jorge,” he said happily.

“Oh dammit I am FED UP with you coming at the most inopportune moments,” said Jorge. He pulled a pen- filled with ink- from his pocket.

“Yes, please sign here,” said Ing.

“Well, I'll be taking this," Jorge told Ing.

“Thanks man," Ing told Jorge.

Everyone stared at Jorge like he was a freak.


"FUCK YEA," shouted the hundreds of users there.