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Paper wiki series

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Paper Wiki is a userpedia version of paper mario


paper wiki mario: goomba/Goombario: koopa/Kooper: bob-omb/bombette: paratroopa/parakarry: boo/lady bow: Watt: cheep cheep/shushie: lakkitu/lakilester: bowser: star sprits: enemies(must be respective form):

paper wiki: the 1000-bit link mario: peach: bowser: shadow queen: TEC: other charachters: super paper wiki mario: luigi: peach: bowser: count bleck: pixls: other charachters: paper wiki: wiki star mario: peach: kersty: bowser: birdo: wiggler: other charachters: paper wiki: edit splash mario: luigi: peach: huey: big paint star: birdo: black bowser: other charachters: UltraMario & Super Luigi: wiki jam mario: luigi: paper mario: starlow: other charachters: