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Packy and the Quest of MacGuffin

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Packy and the Quest of MacGuffin
Creator banjonator1
Debut July 30, 2013
Genre Religious (?)
Latest Issue Don't you have something better to do?
Rating PG (Crude Humor & Mild Language)

tl;dr: packy has antics


Packy and the Quest of MacGuffin is a documentary about the trials and tribulations of Packy as he traverses open worlds and converts heathens to the gospel truth. All the while, he must endure the ups and downs of waaacky relationships. It is, for the most part, command driven through this thread.

The Story

Please note that all story updates will first be made on the Super Mario Boards thread. Banjo is in the process of moving the episodes from the boards to Userpedia.

Chapter 1: Packy and the Quest of MacGuffin

Chapter 2: Packy and the SHATTERED GLASS

The Peeps