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PaTROLLING is a finished comedy comic series by Moofle which begun at July 31, 2009 and ended at August 5, 2009. It displays the troubles of an everyday life in the suburbs.

Episode one: Troll?

Uniju and Porplemontage see a troll!

What is this i dont even.png

Episode two: Uniju is a troll?

Porplemontage mistakes Uniju for a troll!


Episode three: Uniju becomes a patroller

Uniju becomes a patroller but dies off screen shortly after due to AIDS.

Patroller uniju.png

Episode four: S-Y and Porple have a fight

Super-Yoshi finds money on the ground but puts his friendship with Porple at stake.


Episode five: Toadbert saves the day

Toadbert101 saves the wiki from a troll!


Episode six: SnackServ finds a secret

SnackServ finds someone defiling his brother's grave...