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Order of the Udani

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The Order of the Udani are a group of eleven wizards sent to Penitus near it's first creation. Before the creation of Penitus, God had many angels with him in heaven. He sent 11 of them down to Penitus. They each landed in a different part of the Wiki World, which, at the time, was the most dangerous part. He sent them all down to perform different tests, and if they passed the test, they would be able to keep their places on the planet with their magic powers.

The test

The Lord set one simple test for the Udani - Find each other in the Wiki World. Poochy set this task for one reason, to prove that no matter what, the people of the Wiki World will be connected through thick and thin, helping each other through the toughest times. Each of them landed a year apart. Son of Suns landed first, in the very first year. Neptune soon followed. Henrydamoose was next, then Edo, then Gamefreak. The Magikoopa brothers landed sixth and seventh, and Porplemontage landed eigth, with Wayoshi so following. InfectedShroom landed next. Anton was the last to land. It took them ten years to reunite, and when they finally met again, Poochy granted them eternal life on the planet.

The 11 would soon be drawn together in the middle of battles to help, such as the Raid of Doom Island, and the War of the Throne.

Members of the Order of the Udani


(Main article: Henrydamoose)

Gift of Earth

The head of the order, and possibly the wisest, Henrydamoose formed the Order before they came to Penitus. During the First age, Henry landed in the Ice Enclosure near the North of the planet. Henry spent many years trying to find his way towards the main land. He came across Bulbapedia, and protected many users against attacks from Wendigos from the north. Once the sun rose, Henry had 7 pillars erected around his city of Weirdenville. Afterwards, he left for the south. He met many different users, such as Shroobario, whom he gained a repore with and helped build Fantendo with. He finally met the rest of the Order. Afterwards, Henry decided to remain in Fantendo as an honorary Sysop. He currently resides in Fantendo in his own tower.

He holds the staff Opar, and holds the power of the Earth. His Pokémon form is a Tauros.

Son of Suns

Son of Suns
(Main article: Son of Suns)

Gift of Lightning

Son of Suns is one of the more notable wizards in the order. He landed in the Wiki World earlier than the other users, and landed in the independent state of Budacar Desert, which would later become Saudy Arabia. The first thing he did when he landed on the planet was sit down. He sat at that exact place for almost two years, listening to the winds, even suffering through sand storms. After those two years were up, Son of Suns finally left the desert, leaving to the east. He met with fellow Udani members Porplemontage and Wayoshi, and he contributed to their empire. He left for the Frozen Farc after staying in the MarioWiki for two ages, where he crafted a government, before then leaving to other parts of Penitus. He now resides there, but still makes occasional visits to the Mario Wiki.

He holds the staff Curac, and has the power of Lightning. His Pokémon form is undefined.


(Main article: InfectedShroom)

Gift of Death

InfectedShroom was once a simple Magikoopa. However, he was the only Wizard that landed away from land, landing in the ocean around 200 miles south of the Wiki World. As he landed, his destiny was fixed, so he threw his staff up into the air, and cast a redead spell on himself, before inevitably drowning in the middle of the ocean. Due to his redead spell he cast earlier, he was reanimated as a corpse. InfectedShroom finally made his way back to land where he assisted in the building of the Great Barrows, where the Udani have their meetings. The Barrows, being back then a giant underground community sited InfectedShroom as the leader. However, when the barrow's main entrance collapsed, he tried to get as many people out as possible. Afterwards, him and the group took refuge in one of Wikipedia's western cities. InfectedShroom later returned to the barrows to re-open the entrance, where he found that the great barrows was inhabited by ghosts. He resides deep in the Mario Wiki's tallest Mountain, Leet Peak. Those who manage to find him get a souvenir, which, when shown to Coincollector, will get the Spelunker's Award, one of the highest in the Mario Wiki. Only seven people have received this award, which include Xzelion, Super Mario Bros., Crypt Raider, Toa Waluigi, DarkInsanity, A Link to the Past and Master Crash.

He holds the staff Istaw, and has the power of Death. His Pokémon form is a Haunter.


(Main article: Gamefreak)

Gift of Water

Gamefreak is one of the more wise wizards. He landed in Userpedia, in the middle of the Grutak Marshes, now commonly known as Bracewater Marshes. When he landed, he searched around the forests a lot, still stinking from landing in the marsh. He found a fortress, full of Rangers. It was his best shot to storm the keep, but he felt that he could not take them on his own. He gathered many users who were born in Userpedia theirselves, including Dippy. The group attacked the keep, and after claiming victory over the tower, Gamefreak claimed ownership of the tower, and renamed it Gamefreak's Tower. He cleansed his robes the very next day, after spending almost 42 days in a horrific stench. He reunited with the other Udani members at the Great Barrows. He currently resides in Gamefreak's Tower, and often patrols Userpedia's vast forest.

He holds the staff Bronok, and has the power of Water. His Pokémon form is a Dusknoir.


(Main article: Edofenrir)

Gift of Poison

Edofenrir is one of the first users to land in Userpedia. He landed near the south of Userpedia, in the Userpedia Wastelands. Making friends with some of the inhabitants, he built a small cottage, and lived there for many years, his door always open for people to ask him things. He soon was summoned to the Udani, where he was reunited with his brethren. He then returned to Userpedia, where he kept a watchful eye from his cottage.

He holds the staff Moonur, and has the power of Poison. His Pokémon form is a Charmander.


(Main article: Anton)

Gift of Beasts

Anton is one of the friendliest Wizards. He landed in the Darkmyst Desert, near the village of Gonep. He rested there for two days, before leaving and hunting for food. During his hunts, however, he could never kill a single animal. Anton became good friends with the animals of the desert, and found a pet of his own, a rare Anytological Hyponomous Toad, or a Hypnotoad, as is known to the common tongue. Anton has this toad with him at all times. He was called away to the north, to be reunited with the Udani. As of now, Anton wanders the wiki world with his animal friends, helping people as he goes. Anton resides in Userpedia Castle, as the current Steward of Userpedia.

He holds the staff Flundar, and has the power of Beasts. His Pokémon form is a Politoed.


(Main article: Neptune)

Gift of Ice

Neptune is perhaps the most powerful of the eleven. He landed in the Gardens of Herrolos. After wandering the gardens for many hours, he came across Anita, who was attacked by a Ranger. Neptune took care of Anita, until she died. Her baby, Mason, had just been born, so Neptune took him in his arms and carried him across the Gardens, until he came by Sangras Stockholm, an old user who is in charge of taking in abandoned users. He gladly took in Mason. Neptune came across Hemu's encampment, and fought against the Wendigos, until the sun finally rose, and the Wendigos melted in the sunlight. Neptune traveled the Wiki World for many years, until he was called to the Udani, to be reunited with his brothers. He travels the Wiki World, helping as many people as he can. He is often found in Bowserpedia keep, but due to his constant travelling, the keep is kept under wraps by Scarecrow and Wario Bros. Neptune is lycanthropic - Under the full moon, he turns into a Mightyena. Though not ordinarily, Neptune does attack villages when in his Mightyena form. However, he does not stray too far afterwards, so Neptune always comes across the village to help.

He holds the staff Rhudar, and has the power of Ice. His Pokémon form is a Grovyle. Under the full moon, he turns into a Mightyena, due to his Lycanthropy.

Sir Grodus

Sir Grodus
(Main article: Sir Grodus)

Gift of Fire

Sir Grodus is one of the two Magikoopa brothers. He is dressed in red robes. He landed in Wikia, with his brother, Time Q. The duo stayed in Wikia for a while, specifically in Wikia Town. The two set each other roles. Sir Grodus was in charge of gathering firewood, and lighting a fire in the evening to keep them both warm. During his time chopping down the trees, he would gather seeds and re-plant them back into the woods. He was very considerate of the environment, despite his proclivity for fire. He and his brother were called towards the Udani, to be reunited with their brethren. Him and his brother stayed in their house in Wikia, before deciding themselves to leave the Wiki World. They are suspected to have left for Incendia Vulpes.

He holds the staff Ragourd, and has the power of Fire. His Pokémon form is undefined.

Time Q

Time Q
(Main article: Time Q)

Gift of Plants

Time Q is the other Magikoopa Brother. He is dressed in green robes. He landed in Wikia, along with his brother Sir Grodus. They stayed in Wikia Town for a while. They had their own roles. Time Q was in charge of gathering food for the duo. He would go out into the forests, and using his powers, would create beautiful tall plants, grafted with delicious fruits and vegetables. Time Q would gather these fruits and use them for preparing meals in the evening time. Time Q had a long fuse, but at the end was dynamite. He was a kind man, at heart, but would be short tempered at times. His brother was always there to calm him down, however, to which Time Q would apologise for his misdeeds and carry on. They lived in their house in Wikia for many, many years, before they left the Wiki World for Incendia Vulpes.

He holds the staff Magourd, and has the power of Plants. His Pokémon form is undefined.


(Main article: Porplemontage)

Gift of Wind

Porplemontage is possibly the most famous out of the 11, as he is best known as the creator of the MarioWiki. He first landed in the north of the MarioWiki, where he soon started building. All he would do in the day time is simply build structures, and at night he would sleep in the structures, finished or unfinished. Sooner or later, people began to live in his structures. He was named their leader, some even went as far as to call him king of the MarioWiki. Porplemontage built his tallest structure later on, which is known as the Sysop Tower. Though this would have taken a while, Porplemontage managed to do it in a matter of days with the help of his citizens. Once the tower was finished, and the city was thriving, Porplemontage was called to the Udani council, where he was reunited with his brothers. Legend has it that when his tower was almost destroyed by Trolls, he lit his most powerful spell and raised the ground around the tower, causing the tower to fly high up into the sky. Porplemontage now resides in Sky City, where he keeps a watchful eye over his Wiki.

He holds the staff Impura, and has the power of Wind. His Pokémon form is a Skarmory.


(Main article: Wayoshi)

Gift of Darkness

Wayoshi was a powerful necromancer, who landed in the south of the MarioWiki. Strangely, he landed on a tall hill, the only one for miles, which he named Wayo Peak. Wayoshi's Peak was where he built his manor, where he practiced his magic all day. During a sudden struggle outside of his manor against a user and a ranger, he formed a hammer out of magic, and hit the ranger so hard with the hammer, it knocked him out. He named this move the "Ban", and built the Spam Vault over the mountains from where he lived. He named the south lands of the MarioWiki the "Spam Realm", and put all the trolls he banned into the Vault. Wayoshi soon traveled north, where he met Porplemontage, another member of the Order. Wayoshi didn't stay for long, however, as he needed to manage the southern lands. A battle took place where Wayoshi fought off against the trolls, placing each and every one of them into the vault. Wayoshi was soon called towards the Udani, where he would meet his brothers. Wayoshi resides on Wayo peak, where he prefers a solitary life.

He holds the staff Krudlok, and has the power of Darkness. His Pokémon form is undefined.

Angels and Deities


He who walks on lava

The creator of Penitus, Poochy is the supreme deity and most powerful being in the universe. Poochy created the Wiki World in six days, and on the seventh day he rested. Mastermind Troll, jealous of what Poochy created, decided to create his own beings, which turned out dark and twisted. Poochy, finding out about this, cursed his name and threw him down to the surface of the planet. However, Poochy was not happy with his choice, but knew it had to be done.

Poochy frequently visited the planet, under many different disguises. Poochy would only make subtle references to his omnipotence, including him walking on lava and spikes, to whom people would just consider that he was tricking villagers, or black magic, to which they would frequently try to hang him. Poochy, being ever so resourceful, would always manage to make it out in the nick of time.

The last known appearance of Poochy was the 8th of Raptober, which was near the start of the new year.


Son of Poochy

Known as the son of Poochy, Xzelion was Poochy's most trusted angel. Poochy, on the departure of the Udani, decided to launch Xzelion onto the planet, where he would become a very respected member of the community. He even became King of Userpedia at one time, living a long and prosperous reign.

During his final years, he wanted to make peace with the trolls. Some of the trolls, including The Goomba and Sonic Rocks decided to reform, but other trolls decided to fight back against Xzelion. They went to war with Xzelion and his armies, and a large battle took place, in which the Mastermind Troll, one of Xzelion's former brothers, was defeated, and locked away in oblivion for eternity. However, during the battle, Xzelion was badly injured. Due to his prevailing spirit, he managed to reign over Userpedia for 2 more years, before he finally succumbed to his wounds, and eventually died. He returned to living with Poochy in Harmonia.


Watcher of Lands

Brinay is the primary form for a human male. Being one of Poochy's most trusted angels, he was given the honour of being host to the human race. Despite never setting foot on Penitus, he is able to look upon each human from his seat in Harmona. He was wed to Petruda, by Poochy himself. He is a young, handsome man, with a kind and comedic outlook on life. He is often sought out by lesser angels for guidance.


Beauty of the East

A very beautiful lady, Petruda served as the primary form for a human female. Along with Brinay, she is one of Poochy's most trusted angels, and was given the honour of being host to the human race. She was wed to Brinay by Poochy himself, where they spent eternity together, overlooking their human creations together, and giving council to those who seek it. As her title states, she is beautiful, possibly the most beautiful woman in existance. A lot like Brinay, she is very kind and comedic at times.


Guardian of Harmona

Zuketh is a Cyclops, and the Lead Guardian of Harmonia. Though not the first Guardian, he took over from Koopus when he decided to live in peace. Zuketh, being a cyclops, is the largest angel. He is often seen outside of the Gates of Harmonia, looking down upon Penitus. He wields a club, and has a powerful strike, though he barely ever needs to use it, being that Harmona is usually a quiet, peaceful place. Though he does look rather menacing, he is a kind person in nature. He has long black dreadlocks.


Rising Sun


Shining Moon


Gift of Knowledge

Though not officially an Udani member, Hemu is considered a pivotal member of the Order of the Udani. Like the Udani, Hemu possesses special powers, however he does not have any specific power, unlike the Udani who have their unique powers themselves. Due to this, Hemu is often considered the real leader of the Udani. Hemu is one of Lord Poochy's angels, sent down to Penitus somewhere after its creation. He is one of the few non-Udani angels to do so. He was originally the only angel to be sent down to the planet, until Damian Payne was thrown down to the planet from heaven itself, where Poochy sent down the 11 wizards of the Udani.


The Happy Soldier

Amrobeg is a rather eccentric angel. His visits to the planet are often during dark times, when spammers and trolls attack, to give protection to the lesser species. He wields a mallet, and his loud bellowing voice can crack the toughest of steel. He often resides in a small hut in the south of Wikipedia during his visits on the planet.


Knowledgable Saint

Obargon, also known as the Webmaster, is a strange old man who lives in a tiny hut in the forests of Userpedia. Without ever getting any rest or any sunlight of day, the old man stays sat in his hut, barely ever looking up. He continuously studies an ancient tablet, no bigger than a young man's torso. The tablet is said to hold every single piece of information in the universe when read in certain ways, and that Obargon has been reading the tablet ever since he landed on Penitus. He bears a ring on a chain around his neck, which has one passage which is not shown on the tablet. The tablet and the ring are, once joined together, the supreme form of knowledge in the universe.


King of the Wikis


Queen of the Wikis


Shell of Fate

The model of Koopas on Penitus, Koopus is the first guardian of Harmona, and King of the Koopas. He is much larger than the average Koopa, being taller than the average fully grown human. Unlike most angels, Koopus never visited Penitus, preferring the solitude of Harmona, as opposed to the darkness that the Mastermind Troll brought to Penitus. However, often, Koopus will set storms upon the planet, during anger towards his own species doing misdeeds. Koopus, being the first guardian of Harmona, was given the chance to create his own species, in which he created the Koopas. He became disappointed with some of his more notable Koopas, and decided to keep his distance from such.


Wielder of Hope

Admin is well known as the ruler of the Lands of 4chan and other boards. Ruling over these lands, no one ever gets to see him face to face, since he never actually landed on the planet's surface. In fact, it has been argued over Admin's actual existence, as many people refuse to acknowledge his existence on the grounds that they have never seen him. Though very sarcastic at times, he cares a lot for his lands.


Creator of Spells


Ruler of the Seas


Destructor of the Kings

Deiland is a rather dark angel of Harmona, the heavenly place where the angels reside. Deiland only appears during events of death. In the moments before death, Deiland appears to lead the dying to a better place, before they eventually end up wandering the world as eternal ghosts. Deiland is portrayed as tall, dressed in dark clothes and hoods, with long flowing hair, and a handsome young face, with a skeletal hand, and a long, sharp scythe. He doesn't make casual visits to the planet, his visits are all in his job.


The Wandering Legend

Loic is one of the stranger Angels. His date of arrival onto Penitus is unknown, in fact, it was recorded that he randomly appeared out of nowhere. He befriended many users, mainly Scorpion999. It came as a shock to many when he revealed himself to the users as one of Poochy's angels, just before he decided to leave, but not before uttering "Come and find me". Loic is said to still be on Penitus, and those that find him will be blessed with good luck and a long life by rubbing his bald head.

Mastermind Troll

The Hero of Space

An ancient angel himself, the Mastermind Troll was originally one of Poochy's most powerful angels, under the name of Damian Payne, before Penitus was created. When Penitus was created, however, Damian was jealous of Poochy's creation. He wanted to create his own beings. However, his beings were dark, and dangerous, not to his intent. Poochy, however, was not impressed. He cursed Damian's name, and threw him down to the planet, to be with his evil creations. Due to his cursed name, Damian is now known as the Mastermind Troll by the elder Yoshis of the planet.


  • The Udani is based upon the Istari from the Silmarillion. Both include a multitude of wizards.
  • Out of the main 11 Udani members, Henrydamoose, Neptune and Anton are the only members who have not been Sysops in the Super Mario Wiki
    • However, each of them are sysops on other Wikis. Neptune is a sysop of Userpedia, and the Steward of Bowserpedia, Anton is the Steward of Userpedia and is an Operator on Mario Wiki's chatroom, and Henrydamoose is a Bureaucrat of Fantendo, and a Steward of his own independent Wiki.
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