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Operators, or ops enforce the rules in the chatroom, according to each of their specific sets of rules. Operators have many powers, but most noticeably the power to kick, and even ban a user for unruly behavior, change the mode of the room, and do numerous other things with ChanServ.


In July 2011 the Darkmyst servs upgraded, making the original system of Levels noting which Operators had which powers obsolete, bringing in the Flag system. Flags are basically the same thing as levels, but stripped down into their individual abilities. Group templates exist, such as 'Operator' and 'Admin', that give out a selected set of Flags. Customized group templates are able to be made, as well.

  • +A - Enables viewing of channel access lists.
  • +b - Enables automatic kickban.
  • +F - Grants full founder access.
  • +f - Enables modification of channel access lists.
  • +i - Enables use of the invite and getkey commands.
  • +O - Enables automatic op.
  • o - Enables use of the op/deop commands.
  • +R - Enables use of the recover and clear commands.
  • +r - Enables use of the kick, kickban, ban and unban commands.
  • +S - Marks the user as a successor.
  • +s - Enables use of the set command.
  • +t - Enables use of the topic and topicappend commands.
  • +V - Enables automatic voice.
  • +v - Enables use of the voice/devoice commands.
  • +e - Exempts from +b and enables unbanning self.


The current operator list:

User Rank Flags
Anton Founder +AFORVefiorstv
Crash Successor +AORSVefiorstv
2257 Admin +AORVefiorstv
Smiley The Hun Admin +AOVefiorstv
Gamefreak75 Operator +AOVefiortv
Turboo Operator +AOVefiortv
MrConcreteDonkey Operator +AOVefiortv
Smasher_101 Operator +AOVefiortv
Super Mario Bros. Former Admin (unregistered)
Aldo Former Admin (unregistered)
Neurario Former Admin (unregistered)
Marioguy1 Former Admin (unregistered)


The current list of operators:

User Rank Flags
Anton Founder +AFORVefiorstv
2257 Successor +AORVefiorstv
Gamefreak75 Admin +AOVefiorstv
Turboo Admin +AOVefiorstv
Brock Operator +AOVefiortv
Smasher Operator +AOVefiortv
MrConcreteDonkey Operator +AOVefiortv
Crash Operator +AOVefiortv
Count Bonsula Operator +AOVefiortv
Superchao Operator +AOVefiortv
RandomYoshi Operator  +AOVefiortv
Cobold Former Op +V
Marioguy1 Former Op (unregistered)
Aldo Former Admin (unregistered)
Stooben Former Admin (unregistered)
Super Mario Bros. Former Admin (unregistered)

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