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An unidentified Non-User

Non-Users are characters that are neither Users nor Guests. They aren't members of a Wiki, but their appearance is known. You can part Non-Users into two groups:

  • Real Life Non-User - The Non-User exists in real life, but isn't an user (yet) and/or doesn't want to be one.
  • Fanon Non-Users - The Non-User does not exist, and appears as fanon Internet character only.

Non-Users can also use accounts of their relative, if their relative is a User, to edit pages and actually help the user a little. Sometimes. Users shares their accounts for their Non-Users, meaning the whole account is parted in two parts: one for the User, one for the Non-User.

Sometimes, however, a Non-User may find out what a user's password is, whether they're a relative or not, and use it to make a good user look bad, therefore impersonating them. This doesn't just happen on wikis, but on any site that involves signing in and using an account.

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