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New Wikisburg

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King Street, New Wikisburg.

New Wikisburg is the capital city of the MarioWiki. It is mostly rebuilt from the outskirts of "Old Wikisburg", the center of which is now Trollsboro.


Wikisburg was once the capital of the Super Mario Wiki. Wikisburg was famed for its glistening glass towers and huge dams, but most famous of all was the Great Wikisburg Wall. The Wikisburg Wall was a great steel wall that surrounded nearly all of Wikisburg to keep out trolls. However, this wall mostly just caused havoc for people leaving or entering the city, partly because of stringent security checks. The wall also caused many poor users who could not afford to leave the city to be trapped since there was a toll to go through the wall. The city's government claimed that no place in the world was safer from trolls due to the wall.

The city had one glaring weakness: the harbor. Security was much less stringent for water travel, which later proved to be the downfall of the city. Various troll gangs gradually infiltrated Wikisburg via the harbor. Instead of strengthening water security, the sysops made the Great Wikisburg Wall illegal to enter and exit. Trade suffered and citizens realized they were trapped. With the Wikisburg economy failing, many city officials struck up deals with the troll gangs for money, and corruption increased to the point where the sysops were in danger of losing control of their city.

To try to contain the trolls, Porplemontage set up the MarioWiki State Police, headed by DarkInsanity, but after DarkInsanity retired, his successor, Sir Grodus, was unable to control the giant organization. Eventually Wayoshi became head of the MWSP, and enacted tough reforms, but by then it was already too late and the civil population was in a great depression and was seething with revolt. Porplemontage succumbed to the pressure and decided to allow anyone to travel through the Wall, but too many people tried to get out at once. The users then shouted for the Wall to be torn down, and Porplemontage had no choice but to demolish it. With this, many citizens fled to the nearest city, Leet Town. On their way, they were attacked by trolls, and MWSP Vice-Chiefs Phoenix Rider and Son of Suns were sent in with most of the MWSP forces to control the riots. With most MWSP helping the refugees or in Wikisburg, many trolls attacked the MarioWiki in many points to spread the MWSP even further. This led to a lack of security in Wikisburg, which was taken advantage of by trolls, infiltrated the city and overpowered the MWSP. They quickly gained support of the troll gangs and drove the sysops to Leet Town.

A civil war soon broke out between the troll gangs over control of the city, which was by then called Trollston. Porplemontage took this chance to start up many user guerrillas to further destabilize the city, which was opposed by many users, seeing it as a lost cause. Max2, founder of Leet Town, led this movement, and it is primarily he who led to the decline of the guerrillas. After Max2 left the wiki, Uniju decided to make a town bigger and better than Leet Town. The city was under construction by a design team made up of Black Hole Sun, Uniju, and Xzelion, who are each constructed designated areas. Uniju was constructing the main commercial area, BHS was constructing the harbor area, and Xzelion was directing the park area. All three of them additionally constructed the main residential area, the heart of the city. When the plan was proposed to Porplemontage, he said it was too expensive, so Xzelion proposed that they reclaim Trollston and reconstruct it to the plans, making a New Wikisburg. Porplemontage agreed, funding for the guerrillas was renewed, and a guerrillas led by HK-47 broke several dams above Trollston, destroying almost all of the city. The building of New Wikisburg was then started. Each area of New Wikisburg was to be named after one of the Bureaucrats, and other important people.

The naming part of the parts never took place however, as the building of the rest to the city was canceled due to fears of a troll invasion. Most of the trolls fled to the central borough, which remained in troll control since it was only connected to the rest of New Wikisburg by a nearly-destroyed bridge. The trolls proclaimed that the borough was the de facto independent city-state of Trollsboro, but New Wikisburg said that it was simply a borough of New Wikisburg with no independence whatsoever, and was trying to illegally secede from MarioWiki. Porplemontage ordered the MWSP, led by new chief Xzelion, to invade Trollsboro, but the trolls set aside their differences and the campaign ended in disaster. Xzelion was dismissed and replaced with Son of Suns, who radically changed the MWSP to a secret police force enforcing anti-troll activities so the New Wikisburg would not fall the same way the old one did. Son of Suns tried to get authorization to invade Trollsboro, even though Wayoshi had deemed it too weak a threat because it was now largely anarchic in the aftermath of its civil war. Porplemontage refused.