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New Super Wiki bros. wii

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New Super Wiki bros. wii is a game based on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but with users.


You can only sign up if you have a form that resembles the character you are signing up for. You can sign up for up to 3 different spots.if not all spots are filled by December 1st, 2013, then the spots will be used by the actual nintendo characters.

The Playable 4


more enemy signups coming soon!

  • Goomba:Super Luigi 128 (Goomba Form)
  • Paragoomba:
  • Koopa troopa:
  • Paratroopa: MushroomMan3 (Paratroopa form)
  • Piranha Plant/Venus fire trap/big piranha plant/stalking piranha plant/river piranha plant:
  • Hammer Bro./Boomerang bro./fire bro./ice bro.:
  • Spiny/Spike top:
  • Swooper:
  • Dry bones: Cry bones
  • Buzzy Beetle:
  • Parabeetle/Mega Parabeetle:
  • Blooper/Blooper Nanny/Baby blooper:
  • cheep-cheep/Mega cheep-cheep:
  • Porcu-puffer:
  • urchin/Mega urchin:
  • clam:
  • Jellybeam:
  • Bulber:
  • Pokey:
  • Lakitu: Lakituthequick
  • Fire Snake:
  • huckit crab:
  • Cooligan:
  • muncher:
  • wiggler/mega wiggler