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New Sherlock Mario Book 3: The Worldwide Catastrophe/Chapter 1

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We all entered the facility. Jake was annoying me by pulling me around to smell all the trees. We hopped in the elevator and went up to Gallade’s floor. We walked down the hall, and into Gallade’s office.
“Hey Gallade, what’s up,” I asked him as he typed on his computer.
“Well, let me show you. Follow me,” Gallade said.
He took us up to the roof where we saw a total wreck.
Everything was broken and crashed.
“What happened up here?” Zero asked.
“Well you see,” Gallade began. “Some evil crook in a black mask came up here while I was working on programming a microchip. I finished it and turned around to see him. He/she then took out a mysterious ray gun and shot me with it.”
“Uh, then what?” MrConcrete said.
“Well, I don’t remember after that, but when I woke up the microchip was gone!” Gallade said.
“Then,” Gallade continued, “I did some studying around the rooftop, and realized he went through my portal. The portal goes to the real world, and who knows what kind of danger he/she could do out there!”
“So, why’d you want me to bring Jake?” I asked.
“He should be able to smell out the microchip,” Gallade said.
“So,” Gallade went on, “You need to go through that portal and find him or her. He/she could be anywhere in the universe by now! Also, Mario Fan and I will be staying here. Call us if you need anything.”
“Well, let’s hurry!” MrConcrete said.
We all went through the portal, ready for our next adventure.

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