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New Sherlock Mario Book 1: The Case of the Toxic Donut/Chapter 1

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I got out of my house on the side of Cheese Meadows to smell the fresh air. I then heard "The Gummy Bear Song" coming from my cellphone. I knew it was my friend Zero777 calling. I answered it.

Zero: New Super Mario! You'll never guess what has just happened here in New Wikisburg! Mason was killed!
Me: Well, do you have any info on it? Tell me the whole story.
Zero: Well, I was on my way to the city for the 27th Annual Donut Feast-
I cut him off and said, "Wait, they have a Donut Feast?"
Zero: Yes! Now let me talk! I came there and got in line for the Bobbing for Donuts event, and saw Mason was in line first. I just wanted to know how long the line was which it wasn't that short, so I just talked to Mario Fan 123. Then we heard a big splash! Mason came out of the water and go a jelly filled donut. He bit into it, swallowed, and fell to the ground in an instant. Everyone got a circle around him but before we could see anything the ambulance was already driving down the road. The Donut Feast was closed, and I came home to call you right away, taking Mario Fan with me because his ride wasn't here and he didn't have anywhere to go.
Me: Is Mario Fan at your house right now?
Zero: No, I called a taxi to take him home.
Me: Thanks Zero, talk to you later.

Our conversation ended. I knew though we would see each other in this crime again later though. I asked myself questions: Who would have put poison jelly? Why would they do that? I then asked stupid questions: Will his comic be gone? I love them so much!
I walked across Cheese Meadows to get my Watson, MrConcreteDonkey, and we went to investigate right away. I knew who I would start with for sure..........