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New Mariowiki

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The New Mariowiki is the setting for Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream. One night Stooben Rooben has the idea of building a portal to another dimension and he decides to actually build this portal with the help of 2257 and Edofenrir. Eventually the portal is built and the users move into the new dimension with a troll guard so everything is good. The admins know that there is a problem with server stress but nobody else knows it so they just live their lives, oblivious to the fact that their world is malfunctioning. Suddenly, on New Year's Eve, the system defects for one second and the army of trolls takes that second to their advantage and infiltrate the wiki, taking it over. The MarioWiki users form the Mariowiki Resistance and battle the trolls though they appear to be losing. Finally at the end the resistance defeats the trolls and takes back the New Mariowiki but they decide to abandon it due to the massive amount of issues it has caused. The MarioWiki users abandon the New Mariowiki leaving only a journal, written by Stooben Rooben, in it telling about their journey through the New Mariowiki.