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Nerdy Guy Presents/Wiki Destination

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Nerdy Guy Presents: Wiki Destination another installment in Nerdy Guy's crappy stories, and is yet another wiki themed rip-off of a famous series. This time the series being ripped-off is Final Destination, those movies where all those people are killed in freak accidents. However, it is very loosely based. Better update that list.

Prologue: The Astroid

One day there was an astroid that was going to crash into the wiki. However, Porplemontage had a vision about the astroid and sent a missle to blow it up. 10 users were suppposed to be killed by that astroid. They were Paper Jorge, Stooben Rooben, Nerdy Guy, Tabuuownsall132x2, Ugozima, Beanbean, Master Lucario, Toadbert101, Ralphfan, and some other 10th guy. Now Death must kill all those users cruely, very cruely...

Special Promotion

Do you wish you could be killed in a TV Show? Well, now you can! Just look for the secret code during the show and you and 4 friends can fly to our studio and be killed in the name of entertainment! Details on the back of the box! Must be 18 or older to enter. :D

Chapter 1: Steve breaks the bad news

All the users listed above were sitting in an office building together. Porplemontage called all of them to his office to tell them something. "How can I break this to them? They are all so innocent." Steve thought as a tear fell down his cheek. He looked around the room at the users staring at him. Then he saw Ralphfan picking his nose and ranting about Ugo. "Okay, never mind." Steve thought and he wiped his cheek. "Could we hurry this?" asked Master Lucario, "I need to go to the doctor's in a few minutes. That idiot thinks I'm dying." "Good news everyone!" said Steve spreading his arms. "My researchers tell me you're all dying! :D" Everyone just dropped thier jaws and Ugo pointed and laughed at Ralph because he's dying.

Only 10 users are alive

"But-but why?" sputtered Beanbean. Steve just responded with "Cause Death's a jerk." Everyone was fine with this answer.

Chapter 2: The walk home

"I can't believe I'm dying." said Toadbert as everyone sadly walked home from the meeting. "Yeah, me too." responded Jorge "but I die all the time in these kinds of stories. I'll come back, all of you guys won't however. Ha ha." Everyone glared angerly at Jorge. Jorge had no idea where this was going and just said "What? It's true." Everyone lynched Jorge and threw him down a cliff. He died and crapped his pants.

Only 9 users are alive

"Oh God, what have we done?!" wept Bean. Toadbert pointed out Jorge's line from the Forth Wall Break above, and she calmed down.

Chapter 3: The date

Everyone continued home and Nerdy Guy gave some other 10th guy a ride home. "You know. Despite the name, I'm not really a male." said some other 10th guy. "Hm..." Nerdy Guy responded, "Want to stop for dinner?" Some other 10th guy blushed and agreed to going out. They had a nice dinner and accidently hit Toadbert with thier car on the drive home. He was knocked into a pit and mauled by bears.

Only 8 users are alive

They made it to some other 10th guy's house and Nerdy Guy helped her out of the car. "You know I had a good time." said some other 10th guy as Nerdy Guy walked her down the pathway infront her house. "Me too." he responded. Some other 10th guy did that girly thing I don't know the name for and said "So... Do you wanna..." "Sure. I could go for a kiss." NG said. They leaned in slowly, and thier mouths met. But then the bears that mauled Toadbert came and attacked Nerdy Guy. "Run my love!" he yelled "Go on without m-" He didn't have time to finish, as one of the bears violently bit his head off.

Only 7 users are left alive

Some other 10th cried and ran. "I will never forget you!" she sceamed as she jumped into the car. The engine started and Ms. 10th guy slammed the gas pedal. "SEE YOU IN HELL!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. The car met the bears and they all exploded because one of the bears was a cyborg.

Only 6 users are left alive

Chapter 4: Master Lucario can't get to sleep

Meanwhile, Master Lucario was sitting in his bed at home and trying to get to sleep. He just finished eating his fried chicken and grape soda. Then he facepalmed for some reason. My guess is he got a cramp. "No, you idiot!" ML yelled, breaking the 4th wall. "Just because I'm black doesn't mean I eat fried chicken and drink grape soda. Damn stereotypes..." He then grabbed his TV remote and turned on BET and called it the shizzle. ML then got mad for some reason. "Okay, that's enough! Just kill me already!" he screamed. Just then, a guy mowing his lawn across the street ran over a brick. The brick was spun around by the motor blades and was shot out at lightning fast speeds. It flew through ML's window and hit him in the head. His skull was crushed and he was killed.

Only 5 user are alive

See, all you had to do is ask...

Chapter 5: See, I was going to update it

News about ML's death reached the heart of millions, including Obama. Obama wrote a note to the FCC.

Dear Fedrel Communications Commity,

Please excuse my grammer and spelling as it's being written by some dumb teenage trying to make a story. It has come to my attention that the Black Entertainment Television network has been enforcing several terrible black stereotypes. According to my researchers, the tragic death of Master P. Lucario was caused by such stereotypes. Though I'm not entirely sure about the researchers though because they're the ones Bush had. You know what, forget it. Sorry for bothering you.

Love, Barack Obama

Obama threw the paper out the window. Ralphfan was walking by. "I'm glad I went to see the White House! It sure took my mind off dying! :D" he said. Just then Moofle popped up just to call Ralph gay. Moofle screamed "GAY!" and Ralph got mad. "You homophobe! Show some respect to guy people. You're nothing but a dirty terrorist! I bet you even believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny and Cupid! You're so stupid you believe in a flying baby! Go get a brain you moron!" Just then, a gay rights parade drove by. "Hey, you!" Ralph yelled. "Yes?" said the gay rights marchers. Ralph then ordered them to lynch Moofle. "Whoa, kid. We don't do that" said the march leader. Ralph just responded with "I don't care! Go give that homophobe what he deserves!"