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Nerdy Guy Presents/Short Story Collection

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Nerdy Guy Presents: Short Story Collection is a collection of idiotic short stories.

MBV goes for a ride

One day, My Bloody Valentine was driving with his daughter Smiley The Hun. He was driving when all of sudden the car in front of him stopped. He slammed the brakes with his foot and that stopped him from crashing. He looked and saw the car ahead of him was driven by Super-Yoshi. S-Y's friend Paper Jorge walked across the street to chat with S-Y, so S-Y stopped his car. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" yelled MBV. "GTFO n00b" S-Y yelled back and Jorge said "lolpwn." MBV and Smiley just facepalmed. "Look, they aren't worth it. Let's just go." said Smiley. MBV nodded his head and revved up his car. S-Y and Jorge turned around in confusion and looked at the car. MBV yelled one of those maniac screams as the car drove foward and he and Smiley jumped out. "OH SHI-" S-Y and Jorge both screamed as the cars crashed together and the two users died in a firey explosion.


Once there was a troll named Daniel Tosh who was tired of trolling the internet and stand-up comedy. So he got a TV show and ruined Thursday nights. So yeah, that's pretty much it... :|

Obama and the evil wizard

President Obama was relaxing and watching TV one day after working hard on Health Care. He turned on CNN and saw a Tea Party Convention. "Hey, I know these extremists. Man, they're really weird." said Obama. Just then, a evil conservative extremist wizard began to give a speech. The cameras zoomed up on him. The wizard bashed Obama and called him a Rhino. "These guys aren't very nice. I am offended by thier bias. :(" frowned Obama. "Now ladies and gentlemen, I shall cast a curse on Obama because we hate him!" said the wizard on the TV, "A Rhino you are, a Rhino you shall be!" Obama looked funny at the TV, "What? That doesn't even make any sense. How can he do that from far away?" he said. The TV than glowed green and magic came out. Obama then yelled as he turned into a real Rhino. The US was rendered defenseless, the Tea Party took over, and the wizard was put incharge. A week later, Iran launched a nuke at the US. "Oh no! Where's the defense missle!" yelled the wizard. "Only Obama knew, we are all screwed." said the general who popped out of nowhere. The wizard's last words were "Oh cool, a general! :D", and everyone was blown up.