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Nerdy Guy Presents/Little Red Riding Hood

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Nerdy Guy Presents: Little Red Riding Hood is Nerdy Guy's Theme Park Version of the beloved story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Chapter 1: Little Red starts her journey

One day, Little Red Riding Hood was told by Mother Riding Hood to bring Grandma her pills and vitamins. Little Red then went on her way. Deep in his jungle hut, the Big, Bad Wolf got hungry and tried to order take out. "WE'RE ALL OUTTA FOOD!" yelled the take out man, and the Big, Bad Wolf got sad. "I know what I'll do!" he said, "I'll go eat a little kid!" Meanwhile, Little Red continued down her path. She met a tentacle monster. "Hi, Mr. Turd!" said Red. "No, no, little girl." he responded, "I'm no turd. I'm a tentacle monster." Red apologised to the sad tentacle monster and learned a valuable lesson. Red then walked some more and later came to her Grandma's house and knocked up on the door. "Hi, Grandma! Here's your pills!" Red yelled. Grandma opened the door and thanked Red. "Bye, Red!" Grandma said. "Bye, Grandma!" said Red. "onomnomnomnomnomnomnom" went the Big, Bad Wolf as he jumped out from behind a bush and ate Little Red. Grandma called the cops on him and the wolf fled the scence.

Chapter 2: Grandma gets help

Three weeks passed and the wolf was still not found. Grandma felt sad and needed help. She called her friend Oprah. "Hi, Oprah!" said Grandma. "Hi, Grandma!" said Oprah. "My grand-daughter got eated. Can you help?" asked Grandma. "Sorry" Oprah said, "My show doesn't work like that." Grandma got very angry and shot the phone. Police got 911 calls about gun shots and arested Grandma. However, they didn't have enough room in jail, so they put her in a place called The Spam Vault. She worked and stuff in the Spam Vault. Many months passed, but then this guy wearing another guy's bath robes killed all the guards of the Spam Vault. All the people in the Spam Vault were sent free by the bath robe man and they beat up the remaining Spam Vault staff members. Grandma ran into the woods and was never seen again until Chapter 3.

Chapter 3: The short chapter

Many months passed, weeks ran by, and some guy rode his bike. The police had thrown a search party. There was drinking and dancing. Everyone was having a good time. After the party, the police decided to look for Grandma. They found her in a little cave full of rocks. Then they arrested her again and held a trail in court.

Chapter 4: The trial in court

"ALL RISE FOR THE JUDGE!" yelled Master Lucario, the token black guy of this train wreck of a story. Just then, a lava demon popped out of the ground! "I didn't mean you, Mr. Lava Demon." said ML. The lava demon apologised and learned a valuable lesson. The demon went away and then The Judge walked in. "I am The Judge!" said The Judge, "My parents ran out of names. *sad face*". Grandma then was then escorted out. The jury booed her and she gave them the bird. The bird then pecked at the jury and gave someone brain damage. "Hey!" exclaimed The Judge, "Get that bird out of my courtroom!" A guy with a shotgun came in and fired a couple shoots at the bird. He missed however, and killed a little boy in a parkia. Mr. Judge then yelled "THAT'S ENOUGH!" and the bird flew out the window. Everyone clapped and declared Grandma not guilty because she put on such a nice little show with the bird.

Chapter 5: The bad guy arrives

Just then what looked like that rod bad guy from the Powerpuff Girls appeared over the city. But then someone pointed out it was a just a cloud and everyone went on with thier lives. However, a comet flew out of orbit and killed everyone. A Indian saw this, picked up a can, and started crying. Remember kids, don't drink and drive.