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Nerdy Guy

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[16:52] <Nerdy_Guy> Now I gotta clear my bowser history
[16:52] <Nerdy_Guy> *browser

Nerdy Guy, Chatroom

Nerdy Guy
Nerdy Guy MoeA.png

Nerdy Guy's Moe Anthropomorphic rendition, as sketched by Walkazo.
Member of: Member of...
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • Userpedia2
  • The Xephyr Board3
Rank 4-Point List
Species Shy Guy
Gender Male
Allies Stooben Rooben, Palkia47, My Bloody Valentine, Walkazo
Likes Mario, Chat, MOTHER Series, Pokémon, Seinfeld
Aliases NG, Nerdy, Lyra
Score 4-Point List
  • 1: 1,000+ edits
  • 2: 4,000+ posts
  • 3: 100+ edits
  • 4: 2,000+ posts
Age 15

Nerdy Guy is a Super Mario Wiki user. In both Wiki Fanon and real life, he was raised secluded from society, because his parents didn't let him watch the news or anything they thought was bad. He also has had a horrible childhood. He also became a patroller for some time but was demoted.


Early Years

He simply found the wiki. Nothing really special. He then made edits and tried to be accepted. He also registered on the forum and became active on chat. Some people (Super-Yoshi and DarkHero Sonic the Dark) on chat started taking advantage of the fact that he was just another stupid n00b and began teasing him by saying "Nobody likes you, go die" and other stuff. He had no idea that they were just teasing and thought they were serious.

He then started crying when this stuff happened and felt like jumping off a bridge. After reporting this to other Ops, the "No Cyber-bullying" rule (which has since disappeared from the rules sheet and was forgotten because of how minor it was) was passed. He later told this to Super-Yoshi who was mad that he was complaining to him and wouldn't stop. Paper Jorge saw how sad Nerdy Guy looked, and decided to let NG work on a comic with him to cheer him up. One of NG's ideas was leaked, and Super-Yoshi thought it sucked. Jorge admitted he hated it too. Super-Yoshi then convinced Jorge to fire Nerdy Guy, but Jorge remained NG's friend.


A couple months later he was promoted to the ranking of Patroller on the wiki alongside Tucayo to help counter Maria Thalia's trolling, her methods including (but are not limited to) vandalism, spam, and sockpuppettry. However, he went into a state of infrequent editing as his computer broke, and when Maria's attacks started slowing down, he was demoted from his position as well as Tucayo.


He later returned using his DSi as a replacement for his computer. The forum was mainly the only place he was for a while. The posts quickly piled up and his post count slowly rose over 2000. He was later promoted to Moderator along with Noahp89 after several weeks. After a couple months, he and Noah were promoted to Admins.

He also joined The Xephyr Board under the alias "Death Bringer". After a few days, he revealed his identity much to the surprise of everyone. Nowadays, he is an active poster over there and has his own board. Though said board's ownership is currently being fought over by ShyGuy27 versus NG, Crocodile Dippy, and Walkazo acting as a group.


In August 2010 Nerdy Guy decided that the Internet was taking over his life. He deleted his forum account and posted a notice on The Xephyr Board stating why he quit and that he would delete his Internet browser and the Internet function on his DSi. However he came back to chat later that month and then seemingly quit again.


He normally is a nice person, but can get a little mean if aggravated by a spammer and/or troll. He is also forgiving. NG is also very childlike and imaginative at times which has led to several interesting incidents and events, most notably a joke thread over at Xephyr, which demanded Moe Anthropomorphisms of the users there, that turned into an official drawing contest approved by Stooben Rooben and Volke with NG as one of the judges.

Appearances in Media

Spirit Lies

Nerdy appears a NPC that reappears in several different places. However, he doesn't have much to do with the plot of the game.

Friday Night Live

Nerdy Guy appears in Friday Night Live Episode 5, where he comes to make a robotic replacement Jorge while he's out on a date. He ends up not having enough time to finish the robot, and it ends up only half-looking like the real Jorge, and the other half looking like the Terminator. He then gets fired by S-Y for doing a bad job on the Jorge robot.

WTF Tales: Into a Moron's Mind

Nerdy Guy makes a cameo in Issue One, as part of the group of kids on the school field trip to the museum.

Two Sprites and a Room

Nerdy Guy appears in the Christmas episode of this series to give Ugozima his holiday present.


Nerdy Guy appears as a member of The R34P3R Council and a recurring character in later chapters.

Project Mass Destruction

Nerdy Guy has a minor appearance (done without his permission) as a pedestrian (walking in the middle of the street) who is run over by Super-Yoshi's car. He only appears for two panels.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Though he does not physically appear in the series, he is mentioned by Paper Jorge briefly in Episode 1. Jorge is telling his therapist, Mason, of an incident in 2009 that happened in Chat where Nerdy Guy kissed him.


SpinyMaster347: This thread is more mindless then teh mindless junk [thread].
Nerdy Guy: That's because you guys made it that way. -_-

Mariowiki Forum, in a thread that Nerdy Guy made

If "no u" is the only thing you can say to me then stfu.
no u
*** Nerdy_Guy has been kicked by Super-Yoshi (Super-Yoshi)

Nerdy Guy and Super-Yoshi, Chatroom

Nerdy: Sorry for annoying you. I needed an excuse all those [Pokémon screenshots]. :-[
My Bloody Valentine: You didn't annoy me.
Nerdy: I sure jumped the gun on that one...
MBV: I see what you did there.

Nerdy Guy and My Bloody Valentine

SonicMario: Still one user sacrificing himself against one seemingly-immortal evil troll master is still sort of godmodding another user to me xP
Nerdy Guy: Jorge stole that plot from the bible

Sonic Mario and Nerdy Guy talking about Wiki's End

[14:39] *** Alex25 is now known as Alex25987659368356674
[14:39] <Nerdy_Guy> I think you almost broke the thong
[14:39] <Nerdy_Guy> *thing

An example of one of NG's typos

Walkazo: Since when is a change of scenery a bad thing?
ShyGuy27: It's a change of scenery in the same way selling your house and moving next door is.
Nerdy: It's actually more like going from being trapped in some guy's basement to living with the lesbian couple next door.

Walkazo and NG arguing with ShyGuy27 over NG's board

[14:11] <RandomMartinet_mry> calm down, we're having a disscussion
[14:13] <Nerdy_Guy> We would talk about kicking your a**, MrY
[14:13] <FireKirby> XD
[14:13] <Ephidel> NG: lol pwn
[14:13] <Ephidel> xD

Nerdy Guy in chat


  • He has made so many typos, that Palkia47 has called him "The Typo King".


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