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Neptune's Grand Adventures

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The logo with the main characters

Neptune's Grand Adventures is a comic series by Neptune which depicts a series of adventures with the title character and his friends. Originally just a gathering of comics that Neptune made from time to time, the series has eventually grown into a bit series, allowing Neptune to bring out comics with more complex story lines.


Major Characters

These are characters that appear in almost every issue. They are some of the more notable characters due to their major appearances in the comics.

Recurring Characters

These are characters that appear in at least two comics. They sometimes have major roles, but can also be subject to background appearances. This usually applies to the former.


These are characters that either appear in one comic with a few lines, or many comics with no lines. They can be considered background appearances, due to the fact that they're more often silent characters.

In addition to the characters shown above, several retired Users, Sysops, and Non-Users appear in the Awards comic as guests at the award ceremony.