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Nabberture Science/Chapter 1

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Dempsey awoke to the sound of gears grinding. It wasn't exactly the best way to start your morning, and it only went downhill from there.

He discovered that he was standing in a small closet or box. A few holes in the top brought in some light, revealing that there was almost nothing to describe about it. There was a green tinge to the walls. A fan in back of him brought kept him cool, something he was grateful for, as it was getting very hot inside.

Dempsey focused again on the gears grinding. He was vaguely aware that the closet was moving. How did I get here? he wondered. He thought back... he remembered some eating some spaghetti... then a bath... and finally a strange commercial. He couldn't remember anything past there. He didn't need to. Just then, the front wall of the box opened, or rather, it fell down to create a walkway.

As he walked out, he made the mistake of looking down. There was no floor. The empty space below would make Mario's bottomless pits look like a playpen. Though why any adult would dump a baby in a bottomless playpen, he speculated, I may never know.

To his right, a wall.

To his left...

"Smasher?" Dempsey gasped in recognition.

Smasher was walking out of an identical box, looking as confused as he was.

"Dempsey? What's going on?"

"I don't know," Dempsey admitted. "I fell asleep watching TV, and when I woke up, I was here."

Smasher didn't reply, and instead he turned around to look at the room they were in.

To call it a room would be deceiving. It was a huge chamber that stretched farther than the eye could see. The duo's boxes were standing on tracks that seemed to have come from the large shelves that lined that walls.

And stored in those shelves, in slightly different boxes, were the users.

And to make this predicament even worse, they were stored in their birthday suits.



"If I ever made any indication that I wanted to see the users naked... not that I ever would want to... I really regret it now."

"Regret: to feel sorrow or remorse for; to think of with a sense of loss," said a voice behind them. "The maker of this word was probably an idiot, as the name Gret is an abbreviation for Gretel, or slang for cigarette. Thus, adding the prefix of re- makes a word with no real meaning. Just another flaw of the English language."

Smasher and Dempsey turned around. The speaker of the annoying voice was suspended in the air from a ceiling-mounted rail. It was a small sphere with a large orange eye.

"Wait," said Smasher with a sense of dread. "I recognize that voice... is that you, Hypnotoad?"

"I am not Hypnotoad. I am the Fact Sphere, the incredibly smart, incredibly handsome, and most important Nabberture Science Personality Core. I highly suggest you follow me, as there is testing to be done, and if you don't get out of this room in the next minute, you will die from deadly neurotoxin."