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NEXandGBX Adventures

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NEXandGBX Adventures
Creator NEXandGBX
Debut September 4, 2014
Genre Comedy
Latest Issue 009 - Icemario por favor
Rating T

NEXandGBX Adventures is a comic series by, well, NEXandGBX. It features him and other users in some funny situations.



001 - Pilot / Too Small (Classic) (Sprite)

002 - Rock Paper Scissors (Classic)

003 - Petal Dance (Classic) (Sprite)

004 - Ambush (Sprite)

005 - Whistle while you walk. (Sprite)

006 - Lemon Part 1 (Sprite)

007 - Lemon Part 2 (Sprite)

008 - Lemon Part 3 (Sprite)

009 - Icemario por favor (Sprite)


Mario's Inside Story

Mario's Inside Story was a side comic to I heard you have a dragon problem, but it is only considered canon to NEXandGBX Adventures.

1 - "I could just gobble you up...and I will." (Classic)

2 - Pac-Men (Classic)

3 - Told ya. (Sprite)