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Rank User
Species Human
Location Arizona
Join date January 8th
Gender Male
Allies Red Barchetta, SLNO, MCSoulja, Paper Jorge, TehVict
Likes Pizza
Dislikes School
Aliases SilverArms
Age 16
Personal information Real Life Name: Gage
Birthday: December 3rd

N (also known as SilverArms) is a user of MarioWiki and Userpedia. He joined the MarioWiki Forums January 7th, 2011 and was banned January 12th, 2011 for having multiple accounts. He joined the Userpedia Forums January 13th, 2011 and got banned January 15th, 2011 for having multiple accounts yet again. N is a conletter specializing in imposter Trolls.


N has a very gloomy personality and subscribes to the view that there is nothing in the world that is inherently true. The only absolute in life for him is money. A schemer at heart, N has an opaque mind to outsiders. He is fluent in the arts of lying and subterfuge, so his reasoning behind what he says is constantly blurred. He explains that his name, "N", stands for "Nothing".

N is an individual who prides himself in having no pride. He openly admits to being a conman and an imposter amongst other things. But this is to his advantage as someone who deceives with wordplay extremely well. His interactions with others are very fluid, and he is willing to give and take in order to maximize the outcome, or cut his losses, in his favor.


N is a fake specialist who knows about paranormal creatures, but does not believe in them, so he prefers working as conman by manipulating those who believe in Oddities or just using his knowledge to make money by fooling people. He went to the same college as Paper Jorge, Red Barchetta, and SLNO where he learned about paranormal activity.

He also appears to have a friendly relationship with the Packy household. When considering whether or not to help DarkHero Sonic and RedFire Mario, his reason to himself was that he was helping Volke, Red Barchetta's niece. It is revealed that in the past, he has feelings for Smiley The Hun (Volke's mother).

Physical Appearance

N is a middle aged letter with a very gloomy and dark appearance. He is seen always wearing a funeral suit and has a sleepy, melancholic look with baggy skin beneath his eyes.


<Neptune99>: Sometimes i wonder who N is in real life
<N>: I do too.
*** Neptune99 imagines N revealing himself to be Jim Carrey
<Neptune99> HOLY SHI-

Neptune99 and N, #wolff

[10:08] <GobbleN>: You're Aya's brother, right?
[10:08] <Smasher> yes wh-
[10:08] <GobbleN> ..
[10:08] <Smasher> oh f*** you're her son aren't you

Smasher101 and N, #wolff,on Thanksgiving!



N appears in Corruption, MrConcreteDonkey's story, as a fairly minor character. He first appears in Part 2, when he and Scorpion999 have been to a club and thrown out at closing time. Then, N is shown to return home. He will appear again. One of his main attributes in the story is that he drinks a lot of ginger ale.

A Spammers Revenge

N is set to appear in A Spammers Revenge. Neptune has revealed that he will not appear until the end of season 4, and that he has a big plan for his special appearance.

The Three Mushketeers

N will appear in Mason's comic, The Three Mushketeers.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Beginning with Episode 5 and onward, N appears as an audience member in The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo.

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