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Mystery Dungeon Live Episode 1

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Announcer: We now bring you back to Mystery Dungeon Live!

  • 'Mystery Dungeon Live Jingle'

Pikachu Danny: Hello there, fan and folks, ladies and gentlemen! I'm Pikachu Danny, reporting live at Lavafall Cave! Here's our first witness. Weedle!

Dan Weedle: Who, me?

Pikachu Danny: yes, you! What was it like when this dungeon was discovered?

Dan Weedle: You should ask my friend Dave. He knows what happened.

Pikachu Danny:*Groan* Ok. *Turning back towards camera* Well, I couldn't Weedle the truth out of anybody this time.

  • Laughter

Pikachu Danny: *After 10 minutes* Hello there! Might I ask your name?

Dave Caterpie: It's Dave, Mr.

Pikachu Danny: Well, what was it like when Lavafall Cave opened up?

Dave Caterpie: Oh, it wasn't too good. I nearly fell into a fissure. I was so scared I ran away. But I heard people telling fishy rumors. They have their own theories. I'm not an expert on caves. *Turns to leave, muttering incomprehensibly*

Pikachu Dannny: *Looks down at pocket watch* Oh! That's all the time for today, folks! Tune in next time!

  • 'Mystery Dungeon Live Jingle'