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Mwiki Subway

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The Mwiki Subway System is the main form of Public Transportation in the Super Mario Wiki. The system includes four main lines (Redline, Greenline, Blueline, and the Orangeline).


The project started to make a main underground rapid-transit system for the Super Mario Wiki, when several Users started to complain that the Wiki was getting rather large, and it was a pain walking all over, and by the time you got there, someone else would have found the new info you where going to put, and it would already be there. Port Harbour was made, so Users could travel around the wiki on ship. However, users complained he ships were slow and you had to wait half-an-hour to finally get on a ship because the lines were so large.

Port Harbour was closed and later at Sysop Tower, sysops discussed a new system. The System was originally planned to only have three lines (Greenline, Orangeline, and Blueline), however, soon after construction started, Porplemontage realized that there was no main line that wound up at Sysop Tower, so a fourth line, the Redline, was planned.

The construction was complete about two years later, and soon became the main means of Transportation in the Super Mario Wiki. Interestingly, all the lines are separately ran by various corporations instead of being operated by the wiki's government itself, but the subway was planned and built by the wiki's central government.

Main Information


The Greenline was the first Line to be completed. It travels mostly up-ground and on bridges, and thus mainly uses a Pantograph, instead of a Third Rail.


Often regarded as being the least pleasant, the Blueline is the least used of all the lines. However, it was once the most pleasant of the Lines when the Subway System was first completed, but rapidly deteriorated because it goes through some of the worst parts of the wiki, such as Plumber's Plumbing and Trollston.


The Orangeline is infamous for trying to out do the other Lines. It has the longest total track length of all the lines. It runs to many stops that are serviced by other lines, but always uses it's own stations even when there are stations used by other lines that it could share, so that people just stay on there line instead of using other lines. It is also the most expensive to ride.


The Redline is often regarded as being the nicest of the four Lines. It also runs the longest of all the four lines. It was the last of all four of the Lines to be completed (Most likely because it was not originally planned in the original design of the system).