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Museifu ("Anarchy") is the name of several attempted projects by Scarecrow von Steuben, most of which remained unreleased until recently. Two of the projects were comics, the third being a text fiction. It is yet another example of Steuben's inability to complete his comics.



The first of the projects only went as far as a single issue, which was entitled "Freefall". Though never technically specified in the comic that it was part of the Museifu project, Steuben has confirmed that it was. The plot of the issue follows Gyroid X, a member of Porplemontage's army, who is imprisoned on a supernatural island for discovering Porple's plans.


Steuben has expressed irritation with himself for making the comic too dark and bloody, and the rest of the wiki has had a lukewarm response to it.



Very little is known about the second project, since it is currently unreleased. It is supposedly the longest of the projects, having at least five issues before Steuben abandoned it.


Like "Freefall", "SvS//DEMO" is not specified in the story to have been part of Museifu. SvS says it was, however. "SvS//DEMO" follows an unnamed traveler who meets Porplemontage and assists him in building up his empire.


"SvS//DEMO" has received highly positive response from several users.


Possible Revival

Steuben may continue the projects at any time, depending on how well the released ones are received. If he chooses to continue "Freefall", he will likely redo the first issue.