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Guys, stop being mean to me, my mom's in here and she's watching the chat.

Xterra1 and Guiliant'''

Rank User
Gender Male. Tia Form: Female.
Allies Super-Yoshi, Pokémon Trainer Elvira
Moves Tia Form: Seisu, Seoshi, Ma Seshield, Giga La Seoshi, Saifogeo, Chajiro Saifundon
Aliases Isyou, Winry, Mama Luigi, Guest23andahalf, Super Isyou, LOLOLOL, LOLOMG

Guiliant (also known as Guiliant, and Isyou) is a human (once a Bandit), who lives on the MarioWiki. He once was Isyou, but his name was changed to Guiliant. Being random and annoying, he is a very popular user to most people.

Guiliant once quit the wiki (though he later returned) The reason for his retirement is because a back-up op, ChaosNinji, kicked him without giving him a warning to stop. He said that he wouldn't warn him anymore, so then he got mad and started flaming ChaosNinji. He left, but was banned shortly after. He went on the forums to complain about ChaosNinji. Everyone had got mad at him and told him to leave, which he did.

Afterward, he continued to visit Userpedia a few times. He would occasionally spam, but not usually enough to get him blocked. He once even created a user sub-page that looked like a sign up sheet, that said "Sign up for pudding! Let's eat the Userpedia logo". This page was deleted by Crypt Raider (which lead to a flame war with Uniju and a sysop restoring it) and later deleted again by Xzelion. Finally, after more spam and one sockpuppet, Crypt Raider blocked him forever. After this, Guiliant vowed revenge.

He then spammed Mi Wiki, however Crypt Raider and Jorge confused him for RapidRocker. Later, after Guiliant told everyone what he did in the forum, ChaosNinji explained this to the members at Mi Wiki. When Luigi came in the Mi Wiki chat and somehow opped himself, Crypt Raider, Shroobario, and GreenKoopa thought it was Guiliant, resulting in Guiliant being banned for sixty days from the Mi Wiki chat room, something he doesn't really care. After spamming every single article of Mi Wiki, he got over it, but still hates Crypt Raider to this day, more or less.

Eventually, he returned and became popular.

In Wiki's End, he saves Ultima Bahamut and Zach121 from Fly Guy 2. He later goes to Userpedia and the Lost World. In Master Wikians, he is seen waiting in line for Mario Kart Wii in the Chapter, Deep in the Shadows.

He has returned to the MarioWiki Forums. He also spammed Userpedia with pictures of Kingbowser99, so he was blocked infinitely from there.


Sign up for pudding! Let's eat the Userpedia logo


* Master Crash set mode +m(mute) on #mariowiki
* Master Crash set mode -m on #mariowiki
<RedFireMario> ...
<DarkHeroSonicTheDark> ...
<Guiliant> :(
* Guiliant got kicked from #mariowiki

Guiliant and various other users, chatroom

<GuiliantGuiliant> *you now have the f***tales song stuck in your head*
<GuiliantGuiliant> oh god
<GuiliantGuiliant> OH MY GOD
<GuiliantGuiliant> D:

Guiliant in the Mariowiki chatroom

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