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Miss Magic Boo

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Miss Magic Boo is a retired user (and a special friend of Beanbean, and Petals's sister) in the Mario Wiki. She is loved by LilBooster. Her skin is blue and she wears a red bow on her head. She also has a human form. Although this is her true form, she prefers the Boo form better because it suites her name.


Miss Magic Boo was a human in the old times. When she was born, her mother was very bad at naming so she just named her Miss Magic Boo. Miss Magic Boo's mother had to move to somewhere and she couldn't bring Miss Magic Boo along with her so she left her with a crow. The crow took very good care of Miss Magic Boo. When Miss Magic Boo's mother was able to come back she warned the crow and the crow was taking a short journey to MMB's House. Suddenly, the crow accidentally opened his beak and Miss Magic Boo fell into Boo Orphanage. All of the Boo's working there noticed and then raised her until she was thirteen. Sadly nobody wanted to adopt her so the workers took her to MarioWiki where she would be safe. Once she arrived at MarioWiki, the first person she met was Beanbean. Beanbean made best friends with Miss Magic Boo. She then signed up and became a user.

Star Wiki RPG

Miss Magic Boo is a playable character in Star Wiki RPG. She made a great friendship with Starbel but she was portrayed as an enemy in the game because you have have to challenge her often.


  • HP: 25
  • Attack: 5
  • Super Attack: 7
  • Defense: 1


  • Rouge Slap - Delivers a nasty slap to one enemy doing 5HP damage
  • Blizzard - Summons a simple Blizzard doing 7HP damage to all. Thus freezes all enemies.
  • Attack Thief - Steals one enemy's attack in battle so she can use it as she likes for 3 turns.
  • Garden Time - Summons a massive amount of flowers to fall on her across the field and gives her the status "Flowered".
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