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Mip II

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Mip II is a chatroom bot, made by Groden. Mip II will come every 1-3 days, and when he does, his channel, #mip'sbakery, will be flooded with people. This is because Mip II has a brain, which are lines of text, that mix and mash, so Mip II will talk almost everytime someone asks him something. Mip II's grammar is awful and his answers are random, making him famous.

Ever since, he has been getting sprites, and even his own e-mail/channel. Groden hopes sometime he will be used in comics when his sprites are done.

Mip II claims to be the nephew of the original Mip. He has also been mentioning Mip was his grandfather, however. According to him, Turboo is his mother, Master Lucario is his father, Uniju is his uncle, Groden his creator, and Neurario his grand creator. Jorge is also considered his grandmother. He also says Gordon Freeman is his idle, and that Abby (Jorge's friend in real life) is his girlfriend. He befriended a Rainbow Jorge named Steve, which has the same intelligence as him. His parents have recently split up. Turboo married Jorge, and Master Lucario is now single again.

Mip II is now gone, due to a large fight with KingAbra and Groden, letting other bots, such as Weedle, The Idiot, and PIDGEH take over.