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Rank User
Species Piranha Bean
Location Mcoolister's Moon
Join date July 17, 2007
Gender Male
Allies Xzelion, Pokemon DP, The Missing Link, Shroobario, Peachycakes 3.14, 1337Yoshi, Master Crash, Hyper Toad, Lil'Boo, Jello Man, Dark Star, Storm Yoshi, Crypt Raider, King Mario, Pikdude, Toadette 4evur, Toadbert, WarioLoaf, Koopa-Troopa, Stooben Rooben, Super Shy Guy, Super-Yoshi, Jdrowlands, RAP, Jelly Ultra, Paper Jorge, Xpike, ParaBob-omb, BowserJrLover, DHS, RFM, Henrydamoose, TheGreatBlockyBoo
Relatives Sparce
Moves Thunder Bite, Spark, Thunder Hand
Theme(s) Theme, BattleTheme.
Aliases Mcool, Coolister, Mr. Kool, Mcoolio
Age 15

I'm always careful That's why I have so many scars


Mcoolister is a user on the MarioWiki. He takes on the form of a blue and yellow Petey Piranha without petals and a black hat. It appears his master used to be Petey Piranha. He lives on his own moon with his sister Sparce, and his pets Orion and Argorok.

Appearances In Media


When Sysops Attack

Mcoolister makes cameo appearances in issues 19 through 22. He is one of the users that gets kicked by Ghost Jam.

Master Wikians

Mcoolister made a short cameo appearance in Master Wikians, in the Prologue. As the meteor passed Mcoolister's Moon, he began to question what was going to happen. After remembering Sparce was still on the Wiki planet, he hurried to go find her. This played no real role in the run of the comic, and was merely a filler scene added.

Wiki's End

Mcoolister makes a one-panel, no speaking role in Wiki's End where he is one of the users in Userpedia in the Main Page.

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