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McQueenMario's current appearance.
Rank Sysop (Fantendo), User (MarioWiki and Userpedia)
Species Boo
Join date August 9, 2009
Gender Male
Allies Arend, Castle Toad, Clyde1998, Cobweb, Henrydamoose, JesseRoo, Max2, Plumber, Shroobario
Likes Nintendo, Internet, Drawing
Dislikes Jocks, Non-Nintendo Game Systems, Trolls
Aliases MQM
Age 14** 16*

McQueenMario (also known as MQM) is a Sysop on Fantendo (and used to be a Bureaucrat before demoting himself). He has been at Fantendo since November 2008, but after the creation and the demise of 'The Everything Bagel', he slowly went inactive. MQM appears on Super Mario Wiki once in a while.

Wiki Appearance

McQueenMario used to appear as a recolor of Luigi from Cars in which he got his name, a mixture of Lightning McQueen and Mario. After a little while, McQueenMario lost a lot and interest to Cars and started to hate his appearance. When Arend came back to Fantendo, McQueenMario asked Arend to make an artwork for him. MQM now appears as a Pink Boo, with a Mario hat on, that has MQM on it, and a red bow tie, which was recently morphed into a popular fan-character he created, called McBoo.


McQueenMario's Wikia debut was on the PIXAR Wiki. A little while later, he stumbled upon Fantendo when surfing Google Images. He then got very attached to the Wiki and decided to stay. He became quite active and one of the top editors on Fantendo. After a few months of hard work, MQM was promoted to the Sysop Rank by the Plumber himself. After that, he soon become friends with most of the Sysops and Bureaucrats on the Wiki. However, some of the Bureaucrats judged MQM for being a little TOO nice to non-Sysops. However, Cobweb said in a blog post that the Wiki needed more nice Sysops. When he was promoted to a Bureaucrat, many of the users looked down on him because he was promoted too quickly. He got some respect from non-sysops, though. MQM soon decided that it was best to demote himself and asked Wikia for a demotion. COKMAN11 and JesseRoo also asked for demotion, leaving Plumber, Cobweb, and Shroobario in charge of the wiki. Later in his wiki life, JesseRoo and Shroobario agreed that he would be demoted, in which he was, until a blog post was made, and enough users agreed to his re-promotion, including Cobweb.

Interests and Hobbies

McQueenMario has a lot of things that are considered his hobbies. For one thing, he loves to draw, and it great at it. Most of the time, McQueenMario is found on his home computer (also known as the world's greatest computer) editing on Fantendo and making artworks with GIMP. He is also a huge fan of gaming, playing the Wii and DSi a lot of the time. He mostly plays Mario games and enjoys Flipnote Hatena on the DSi, known as McBoo (ID: Epik). He had an obsession with flipnotes by gizmo and anyone who makes gizmoids. He also has to practice drums every day (minus Sunday and Monday).


McQueenMario has a very nice nature. Unlike most of the other sysops, MQM is nice to both Sysops and non-Sysops. However, McQueenMario hates Trolls and will not hesitate to block one. He also can be very strict when it comes to blocking them. MQM is known to go crazy sometimes and may yell out things likes meh da lolman on the Babblecoaster.


Most of McQueenMario's friends are on Fantendo. McQueenMario is mostly friends with Sysops and Bureaucrats but he also has a few non-Sysop friends like Arend, who became his friend after MQM started an obsession for Arend and his brother, Paul's fan-made artworks. Most of the non-Sysops are not considered MQM's friends despite the fact that he is nice to everyone but the Trolls. MQM is more known for his friendship with COKEMAN11, who is also his official fan-game making partner. MQM also has a few friends on Super Mario Wiki like Castle Toad who he races in Mario Kart Wii once in a while. MQM has brother that appears on Fantendo every once in a while named Koopa Bros. 98.

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