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Mastermind Troll

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Mastermind Troll, including red eyes.

The Mastermind Troll is an evil entity that appears in many comics as the Mother of All Trolls. Though it is called the Mother of All Trolls and "my dad" by Peachycakes, it is actually genderless. Some trolls are not associated with the Mastermind Troll. It is the source of Peachycakes spamming. Peachycakes was once quoted saying, "My dad told me and he knows!" This makes it possible that it has lied to its daughter about games, thus making her spam. Mastermind Troll is only in comics and does not actually exist, though one troll used the name to spam. Some weeks ago another troll used the name Mastermind Troll 12. Back in 2007, Mastermind Troll was the main villain is most of the user comics, games and fan fics but lately, the Mastermind Troll has stopped being used in comics and has lately started being replaced by other trolls/new characters to be the main villains.


Troll Tragedies

In Troll Tragedies, the Mastermind Troll is the combination of the remains of the first Willy on Wheels on Wikipedia and the Tails Doll's true form. Willy on Wheels, Peachycakes, and several other trolls. While some, such as Sammy on Skateboards are not its children, they work for it anyways.

MT is the main antagonist of the story, which focuses on the Super Mario Wiki getting in its way of destroying Wikipedia and Wikia. Frustrated by the loss of its subordinates, it decides to eliminate the MarioWiki himself. However, this is actually just a fake reason to seize all seven Pearls of Power.

While powerful, Mastermind Troll is not invincible. It fears Wendel's Mother slightly and is only slightly powerful than other wielders of the Pearls of Power, and was even bested by DarkInsanity, one of the wielders, in combat.

The Mastermind Troll as he appears in some media.

Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, the Mastermind Troll's story is revealed. A long time ago, it attacked the Wiki, however the sysops were there to block it. However, just blocking it wasn't enough, so they trapped it in six different Dark Diamonds and hid those diamonds. It is revealed that for the whole comic series, Peachycakes' plan was too get all the Dark Diamonds and combine them, which would bring her father, the Mastermind, back to life. Peachycakes and the trolls are later able to get the Dark Diamonds and bring the Mastermind back to life with the help of Wayoshi, a new troll. Then, Mastermind defeats Jorge's search party, and then tries to find a way to escape from the MarioWiki with Wayoshi and Peahcycakes. Wayoshi however, says he has a plan and they head over to Userpedia. In the end, Porplemontage forms an army made up of the users to go to Userpedia and they all fight Mastermind. In the end, he is killed by an unexpected Son of Suns.

Sonic Wiki

The Mastermind Troll (called Mastermind) appears in Sonic Wiki in the first issue of the series, leading a army of every troll. It is confirmed to be one of the series main villains.

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

In the alternate timeline shown in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges, the Mastermind Troll is dead, along with all other trolls, save H4X0RYoshi. However, it has been revealed that it will still have a major part in the storyline.

Wiki Crisis

During Wiki Crisis, a new troller appears claiming to have replaced the original Mastermind Troll. He has some sort of connection to Max2.

Mariowiki RPG ExtremeGauge

According to Mariowiki RPG ExtremeGauge he was born Fredrick Eldor Thomas in 1953 being 18 when the usenet was first created in 1971. He created the tradition of spam being a huge fan of Monty Python (see the Wikipedia article about spam). He was the first person to learn of the conspiracy that the Internet, the usenet, and the BBS was actually an alternate dimension known as kreig. He was also the first person to go into kreig where he found out many hacking secrets and made a fake soviet nuclear threat and sent it to the us. He was later arrested for life. However, sometime in the 80s when Al Gore made the Internet available to the public someone let him out of jail to become the master spammer in the Internet(how he got the name mastermind troll). He is now spamming a lot and is one of the elements holding the Internet together.

Final de Wiki 3

Not much is known about its' appearance in the third installment of the Wiki's End series but it is known that the Dark Diamonds from the first one that have the power to revive Mastermind are still somewhere out there and two trolls plan to revive him.

1 Wiki Millenia

Amazingly, the Mastermind troll happens to have changed sides, in which the Mastermind troll saves SvS and KB99 from Bern Wigoks's attack. The Mastermind troll does not go back to the past with KB and Scarecrow, but instead stays in the future battling Bern for ever, seeing as the two will never die.

It Began With a Dream

The Mastermind Troll made a minor appearance at the end of Marioguy1's story, It Began With a Dream as the leader of all the trolls and the master of Rudnicki. After Rudnicki was defeated by the combined might of all the Mariowiki Resistance, the Mastermind Troll appeared and told them of its' master plan. The plan was that he had a machine lying in wait somewhere in the New Mariowiki and was ready to use it at any time with the press of a button. At that moment, Super Mario Bros., Marioguy1 and Ralphfan entered the room saying that they had disabled the machine and the mastermind troll got so angry that he charged up a giant ball of energy and was about to use it to destroy all of the users when he suddenly exploded and Porplemontage walked out from the carnage. The day was saved and the war won.