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Master R.O.B

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Master R.O.B
Member of: 1

MarioWiki Forums 3 Userpedia

Rank !

User 3 User

Species Robotic Operating Buddy
Location Super Mario Wiki
Join date 1
April 8th, 2012

December 13th, 2012 3 May 7th, 2012

Gender Male
Allies MushroomMan3, YoshiKong, MegaMushroom82, and many others
Aliases Humbug, Ultraluigi, UL (on chat)
Age 16

Master R.O.B is a user of the Super Mario Wiki who doesn't edit very much. Although he is not a super popular user, he is pretty well-known. He tends to make minor maintenance edits on the wiki.



Master R.O.B joined the MarioWiki Forums in late 2011 as Ultraluigi. He made a lot of posts (which were admittedly low quality) and had a few discussions with other users. About a month after joining, he tried to act like a more mature user but mostly failed at it. He began using the wiki more during this time, and started to come onto the chat. ROB then became somewhat less active on the forums, and one day, he received a Warning for flaming ToxBox. Because of this and also because of the very large amount of drama which erupted shortly after due to LGM leaving and Nabber making a petition, Master R.O.B stopped posting on the forums at the end of May 2012. In July, he returned as a more mature forums user. Everybody had changed their names, so he became confused, but he soon settled in and became a consistent poster. He is currently known as Niime on the forums.


Master R.O.B had been using the wiki since early 2007, when he used it to find information on the game Yoshi's Island DS. He never made an account though, until April 2012, when he made an account to be opped in a chatroom. At the end of April, he because much more active and changed his name to Humbug. He soon accumulated 1000 edits, getting to the top of the "most active contributors" list on the now-nonexistent Top Contributors page. ROB made a few friends on the wiki, and after becoming slightly less active he changed names again, this time to Master R.O.B. He forgot his password sometime around December 2012. He now edits anonymously sometimes.


  • He is one of the few users known to be a twin, as he has a twin sister who doesn't have an account.