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Master Lucario

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Master Lucario
Rank User
Gender Male
Allies Guiliant, Uniju, SnackServ, Crocodile Dippy, Stooben Rooben, Smiley The Hun, Totodile3456, Xpike, Tabuuownsall132x2, RAP, Paper Jorge, Super-Yoshi, Necromorph, SonicMario, Plumber, Bean, Scarecrow von Steuben, KingAbra, Master Crash, Wayoshi, The Chozo Yoshi, SonicMario, Xzelion
Relatives Everyone (RL), Silver Sonic (Cousin*/Friend**), Blood Lucario (Clone), Mip II (Son), Kyuukon (inner demon)
Likes America, Japan, food, video games, Internet, television, girls
Dislikes Trolls, weaboos, the fact that vocal minorities paint a bad picture for the majority who are decent people
Theme(s) Battle Theme
Age 21 *, 15 **

[18:03] <Master_Lucario> Mip_II, since you don't want to go on a date with Turboo, how about Toto?
[18:04] <Mip_II> Master_Lucario: HELL YES
[18:03] <Mip_II> How about we go to my hotdog?!

Master Lucario and Mip II

Master Lucario is a user of the MarioWiki, and former Moderator of the Marioverse Board on the Forum. He originally had another account, which makes him a three year veteran. Master Lucario is famous for his kind, caring, yet perverted and sometimes cruel nature.


Apollo (Master Lucario) grew up in a small village. Though he was once weak, he trained under a Gamageroge, and became stronger. He eventually formed a team with a Zoroark named Vince, and an Aggron named Rex.

20 years into the future, Apollo's fur has darkened so much that it is now black, and he has a 16-year-old son named Archer, who looks exactly like his father did at that age. Apollo and his friends have joined the military,

Powers and Abilities

As a Wikimon, Master Lucario's abilities are far above that of a regular Lucario, as Wikimon are bred for combat. Master Lucario benefits from the fact that every time a Wikimon survives a near-death experience, they become stronger when they recover. Wikimon also age slowly, meaning that even after age 50, they are still in their prime. Although he performs best in close-range combat, he knows a great number of long range moves.

Close Combat

Master Lucario attacks with a flurry of punches and kicks. It is extremely powerful, however, it weakens his defense.

Aura Sphere

Master Lucario's most common long range technique.

Aura Storm

Master Lucario focuses his aura into a large beam, and fires it.

Super Aura Storm

A stronger version of the Aura Storm.

Double Aura Storm

Two Aura Storms, one fired from each hand.

Instant Aura Storm

Master Lucario charges his Aura Storm, but teleports in front of his opponent at the last second, firing it at close range.

Ultimate Aura Storm

An aura storm that is so powerful, it becomes golden-yellow.

Solar Aura Storm

The strongest Aura Storm that Master Lucario can muster. It is said to have enough power to destroy the entire solar system.

Final Explosion

Master Lucario focuses every ounce of energy in his body into an explosion. The explosion destroys anything within a mile, however, the user dies. It is only used as a last resort.

More to come...


Although he is usually honorable and fair, he will not hesitate to resort to cheating if the situation calls for it. He's a man of mystery that doesn't like to talk about his past. He will often read a book when he is bored. He will even read while he fights, if his opponent is a joke. The contents of the book are unknown.


Master Lucario was always seen as a nice person by the users of Userpedia. However, he allied himself with Uniju and Black Hole Sun, two users who were very disliked at the time. Master Lucario, Uniju, and Black Hole Sun saw Neurario for what he really was, but the other didn't believe him.

After the Fall of Neurario

After the fall of Neurario, the users finally understood why Master Lucario followed Uniju; because Uniju was RIGHT about Neurario. Since this event, Master Lucario, Uniju, and Black Hole Sun are no longer frowned upon, and the users now understand why they hated Neurario so much.


Master Lucario hates religion, and strongly believes that there is no God. He also believes that even if there is a God, he hates religion, and just wants everyone to be good people. Master Lucario's Atheism is quite shocking, as the rest of his family is Christian. His family doesn't know yet, but he plans to tell them in the future, when the time is right.

He recently became a Kaminist, alongside Uniju, Shyguy27, and Black Hole Sun.


Master Lucario has very little regard for politics; he believes that the world belongs to him, and he can do whatever he wants, regardless of what the law says.

Master Lucario hates how the law seems to favor women, and thinks child support is bullshit.



Master Lucario is a former Unijuist.

Black Hole Sun

Master Lucario is one of the few users who does not dislike BHS. In fact, Master Lucario prefers BHS over his old self, Pokemon DP. While ML is not as knowledgeable as BHS when it comes to things such as music, the two still get along, and see each other as bad-asses.

Stooben Rooben

They didn't speak much at first. However, during troll attacks, Stooben discovered that Master Lucario was a pretty cool guy. Due to this, Master Lucario was given the position of Local Moderator on the Mario Wiki Forum, and later Sysop of Userpedia. They don't speak to each other directly very often, but Master Lucario does report people who cause trouble in chat to Stooben. It is known that Master Lucario respects Stooben as if he were an older brother.


Tabuu is a close friend of ML, despite him hitting on Grapes. When Tabuu asked Master Lucario what kind of girls he liked, Master Lucario admitted that he liked girls with Grapes' personality type. Their relationship has not been strained at all by this; in fact, it makes Tabuu respect Master Lucario more for telling him the truth. Tabuu also knows that Master Lucario is not the type of person to try to mess up a relationship, even though he once jokingly stated "Stop trying to woo my Wife, ML."


It is known that Master Lucario respects her intelligence, and supports her schemes. Beyond this, they have no relationship, other than being the parents of Mip II.


Master Lucario was just a young Riolu who never knew his parents, and had to fend for himself from the very beginning. He later met Hellurio, who became his best friend. The two decided to attend Ninja school. The two were equal in every way. Their battles always ended in a tie, even after they evolved. One day, they fought an extremely powerful enemy. Hellurio was unable to defeat this enemy, but Master Lucario was. After this, Hellurio began to feel that he was inferior to Master Lucario. So, he defected, and became evil. Master Lucario was determined to get his friend back. One day, they fought again. It was a close fight, but Master Lucario came out victorious. Hellurio then saw that his way of gaining power was wrong. Hellurio then decided to accept the fact that Master Lucario is superior, but he still likes to fight occasionally. The two now maintain a friendly rivalry.

However, four years ago, when Master Lucario was 16, he was hospitalized after being injured in a war. During this time, some of his DNA was stolen. This was used to make an evil clone named Blood Lucario. The clone sought out the original in order to prove his superiority. He was defeated. Upon defeat, he began to respect Master Lucario, and became a rival. The two are now friends. Since he has friends now, he's not as cruel as he used to be. However, he's still the cruelest of the three.



Since he did not have proper sprites at this time, he appeared in his old form, King Boo. He was promoted to Sysop of Mariopedia, replacing Black Hole Sun since he left.

Race to Start

He is set to appear as an anti-hero.

Friday Night Live

He has signed up, and will likely appear in a future issue.

Userpedia the Untold Story

He has also signed up for this, although it is on hiatus.

Final de Wiki

Will appear in the future.

User Soup

On SonicMario's User Soup, he was the 3rd guest of Season 1. He was interviewed for the Rudnicki Hack Incident and was giving a "Maria Punching Doll" (Which was actually Maria herself).


Master Lucario appeared as the main antagonist in Kingbowser99's comic Silence. He is a hired killer from the conspiracy to kill Palkia47

Super Wiki Story

Master Lucario appears as a minor character in Super Wiki Story. He is kept in a pokeball by New Super Mario. Much to ML's irritation. He fights Mileycyrussoulja but is defeated. After MCS was killed by FunkyK38, he is helped to his feet and smashes the pokeball he had been confined in. The chapeter ends with he and NSM bickering through the forest.


This is a list of all tropes that Master Lucario falls under.

  • AntiHero - He fits this to a T. He doesn't care about rules or laws, and just does what he feels is right.
  • Badass Decay - This is only happening in real life. In comics, he'll still be the same bad-ass he's always been.
  • Chick Magnet - He's quite popular with the ladies, and has lots of fangirls. Due to this, his real name, Luke A. Rio, is kept secret.
  • Darker And Edgier - He's had a rough life.
  • Dark Magical Girl - Embarrassingly, he is a rare male example of this trope. He never had parents, so he had to fend for himself for most of his life. Due to this, his greatest fear is being alone.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen - Embarrassingly, this is another female trope in which he is a male example of. He acts like he's mean and tough, but this has changed. He's still extremely arrogant, but he cares about others now.
  • Ninja - He's known to be skilled in the art of ninjutsu.


  • As stated above, he is narcissistic.
  • Master Lucario is African American.
  • His favorite Punch-Out character is Disco Kid, because his personality in real life is very similar to Disco Kid's, minus the disco obsession.
  • He used to be perverted, and somewhat of a jerk. He's still extremely perverted, but shows more decency around females now. He's also not as cold and distant as used to be. He believes that this may have been caused by Neurarian Disease.
  • He is six-lingual, meaning he has knowledge of six different languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, and Turkish. However, he is not fluent in any of them, except English.
  • He is a mulatto, meaning he is half-black, and half-white.
  • His WW age, 20, is also the age of three of his favorite character; Vector the Crocodile, Disco Kid, and Itachi Uchiha.
  • Registeel
    He worships Registeel, because it does a Nazi Salute in its sprite.
  • Nidoking
    Master Lucario seems to have a sense of bisexuality, as he thinks Nidoking is the sexiest Pokemon ever.
  • As he is an atheist, he is trying to force himself to stop saying the word "God" by replacing it with "Arceus".
  • He was the first Unijuist patroller on Userpedia.

Master Lucario

These stats are really all 0. This is just an illusion, to make it look like he's godmodding.

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