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Master Koopakid

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Master Koopakid
Rank User
Join date May 7, 2010
Gender Male

<Master_Koopakid>: Happy Momther's day

<Aldo>: I don't think anyone here is a mother, but thanks son

<Master_Koopakid>: you too dad


Master Koopakid (formerly Koopayoshi) is a user that mainly goes on MarioWiki. He found the wiki by searching Google about the Koopalings in May 2009. He liked it because he knew more info about Mario. Astounded by there work he kept looking there. By May 2010, he made an account called Koopayoshi. He changed his name in December 2010, because another user had joined with s similar name. He currently wants to be a admin on Userpedia.

Other Wikis

Master Koopakid is on Fantendo and WiKirby, but he doesn't go on them very often.


A crazy, fun loving user that loves Nintendo and it's franchises. He is often known to make random headers on peoples talk pages that make no sense. That just proves how random he is.


Brawl of the Wiki

Koopayoshi is one of the villians in Brawl of the Wiki He was trollified by Peachycakes in Episode 8 and joined Yoshiwaker and Mason (who were also trollified beforehand) on their attempt to take over the wiki. He appeared later in Episode 18 along with Mason in Peachycakes' Castle, and tried to kill all of the heroes. After a long fight, SKmarioman stabbed him in the head with an Ax. He survived the injury, and appeared later as a sockpuppet, which was actually Master Koopakid. After escaping with Peachycakes to the Subspace Gunship, after Tabuu destroyed it, Master Koopakid almost fell off, and Yoshiwaker had to quickly rescue him. Soon when everyone was inside the sphere of Subspace, he was the third to be KO'd by UltraMario3000, therefore being free of his curse and turning back into Koopayoshi.

New Sherlock Mario Series

He is a ghost in Book 2.


If you're my friend, EDIT THIS!


Fawfulfury65 was Master Koopakid's first friend. He would always go to FF65 if he needed help on the wiki. Also Fawfulfury65 is Master Koopakid's boss on The 'Shroom.


Fuzzipede27 was one of Master Koopakid's first friends. Now, he rarely talks to him.


Koopayoshi discovered MCSoulja on chat. Now, they are good friends and talk to each other every now and then.


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