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MarioWiki Super Unicorn Snowflake Fairy Sugar Ichigo Kawaii series

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The MarioWiki Super Unicorn Snowflake Fairy Sugar Ichigo Kawaii series, also known as the keyboard-friendlier MarioWiki Kawaii series is an artwork collection drawn by the user Mr. Edo in his spare time. It was born when Edofenrir felt the need to relax from other duties by drawing random stuff for himself. The collection mainly consists of artwork of Mario Wiki users, picked by Edofenrir. The collection used to only feature artwork (scribbly sketchwork with rudimentary coloration) drawn in a manga-inspired chibi style with the focus on being cute and adorable, but after thinking about it, Edofenrir decided to broaden the scope and just include everything he has ever drawn for Userpedia in the series.

Artwork in the Mariowiki Kawaii series


Team Chex Mix & Friends

Fire Emblem-styled

Images of users modeled after the various classes in the Fire Emblem series (specifically FE7).


This is a personal interpretation thing and more than likely doesn't reflect your headcanon.

Marowak Ham session14.png 2257 Ham session14.png MrConcreteDonkey Ham session14.png
Popping.png Goatbell.png Codocoffee.png
incompetentBonehead femurZealot asinineConcrete
Rogue of Blood Prince of Life Bard of Space
Land of Clouds and Crime Ham derse.png Land of Goats and Ivy Ham prospit.png Land of Coffee and Frogs Ham derse.png
Strife umbrella.pngStrife gravestone.png Strife whip.pngStrife flask.png Strife coffeepot.pngStrife eyewear.png

Anton Ham session14.png Smasher Ham session14.png Mr. Edo Ham session14.png
10tackles.png Yolkhero.png Seerofart.png
crabbySomnambulist aerodynamicToaster misguidedWaterfall
Thief of Mind Dude of Time Seer of Heart
Land of Milk and Tentacles Ham derse.png Land of Glass and Eggs Ham prospit.png Land of Snakes and Canvas Ham prospit.png
Strife tome.pngStrife pizza.png Strife glove.pngStrife baseballbat.png Strife staff.pngStrife suitcase.png

Ruai Ham session14.png Poochy Ham session1.png DragonFreak Ham session14.png
Y1py4pb8kebr34ds.png Dogofcreation.gif Meatthedragon.png
blazingLupine benevolentDoghead gonzoWyvern
Dog of Doom Dog of All Sylph of Hope
Land of Bread and Sulphur Ham derse.png Land of Crayons and Happiness Land of Meat and Gold Ham prospit.png
Strife explosive.pngStrife hammer.png Strife egg.pngStrife lava.png Strife wand.pngStrife gemstone.png

Walkazo Ham session14.png Yoshi876 Ham session14.png Gamefreak75 Ham session14.png
Gradiantsunrise.png Funferall.png Spinnerintheworks.png
avianUsurper ecstaticRequiem bananularOverlord
Maid of Light Witch of Breath Mage of Yarn
Land of Gradients and Birds Ham derse.png Land of Skulls and Soup Ham derse.png Land of Frosting and Spires Ham prospit.png
Strife 2xblade.pngStrife shotgun.png Strife scythe.pngStrife bones.png Strife needle.pngStrife spoon.png

Tucayo Ham session14.png Dr. Javelin Ham session14.png Pidgey Ham session14.png
Peacebreaker.png Untitled.png Lecakering.png
feistyChihuahua serpentineLancer erroneousPawnclaimer
Page of Rage Knight of Void Heir of Math
Land of Zen and Beverages Ham prospit.png Land of Storms and Darkness Ham derse.png Land of Shapes and Fisk Ham prospit.png
Strife megaphone.pngStrife blade.png Strife spear.pngStrife fist.png Strife allenwrench.pngStrife datedmeme.png




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