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Mariowiki Island

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Mariowiki Island is a game in production by Neptune99. It was not originally his idea, as the game was created a long time ago back on Scribblewiki by Lario(?). Neptune has stated that this is just a remake of the game, as a tribute to the original game and it's creators. However, unlike the original game, it is possible that this game will actually go into production, using some of the game engines that Neptune99 is using at college.

Signups will close on 3rd of March.

Playable Characters

You will need to be a Yoshi if you would like to sign up. You will also need Yoshi's Island styled sprites for this game, and the sequel. If you have a Yoshi form, and you have Yoshi's Island styled sprites to go with it, sign up here. Unlimited.


Time was wasted on this, so no more sign ups.

Villains and Bosses

Feel free to sign up. Since there will be six worlds, there will have to be 12 bosses.