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Mario Fan 123

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Got some pizza pie?

Mario Fan 123
Mario Fan 123
MarioFan123 Update.PNG
Rank User
Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Mr bones, Dry dry bones, New Super Mario, Young Master Luma, UltraMario3000, Smasher 101, Lilkaykaygal, and a few others.
Likes Super Mario Wiki, The 'Shroom, video games, etc
Age 11

Mario Fan 123 is a Brazilian user of the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. He is a big fan of the Mario series and his favorite game is Super Mario World. He has been a Mario Wiki user since March 6th, 2010. Currently, he's the owner of #mariofanchat and is the creator of The Wiki Time Machine, a Userpedian sprite comic. He was banned forever in Userpedia on December 27th, 2010, for breaking too many rules.

MarioWiki Story

Meeting the Wiki

At October 2009, Mario Fan was surfing the Internet while he found Super Mario Wiki. It looked like a nice website so he used it as his source of information about the Mario series.

Mario Fan 123's sprites.

Logging In

At March 6th 2010, Mario Fan 123 created an account on the wiki. His first edit was on the ?title=Power_Star&oldid=727699 Power Star article. Today, he has over 700 edits on the wiki Special:Editcount/Mario_Fan_123.

Userpedia Story

Mario Fan 123's Mario collection.

Meeting Userpedia

Mario Fan was seeing the 2010 User Awards while he had seen the name 'Userpedia'. He became interested about that and clicked the link. There, he found a wiki about users.

A New Account

At September 8th 2010, he decided to log in at Userpedia, so he could make his article and contribute to other articles. His first edit was at this article.

The comic.

Friday Night Live

On the morning of September 15th 2010, Mario Fan 123 made his own fan-comic of Paper Jorge's live show, Friday Night Live. The show's guest was himself. However, when he published the comic, Jorge didn't give him permission to publish it, so Tabuu undid his edit. It was later discussed and the issue was declared a fan-comic of the show.


Champions of the Wiki

Mario Fan 123 was set to appear in Smasher 101's upcoming comic, Champions of the Wiki as a contestant in the Blue team, but the comic was canceled.

A Spammers Revenge

Mario Fan 123 makes an appearance in A Spammers Revenge as a major protagonist, who works with Fuzzipede27 to hunt down Jakebastille.

Trolls' Island

Mario Fan 123 makes a cameo appearance in Trolls' Island part 33 as a user who wants to defeat Maria Thalia 01 but Champi beat him and throw him out of the castle. As a revenge, he made this picture for Mr bones.

New Sherlock Mario Series

Mario Fan has appeared in the New Sherlock Mario Series as a minor character. In Book 1, he appeared in the first chapter of the story as a guest in the 27th Annual Donut Feast. Zero777 took him back to his home because he didn't have a ride home (since the Donut Feast was canceled because of the murder) and called New Super Mario to tell him about the murder. Before ending the call Zero called for a taxi to take Mario Fan 123 to his home. Mario Fan is also set to appear as a suspect in Book 2, as confirmed in the MarioWiki forums.

The Three Mushketeers

Mario Fan 123 appears in The Three Mushketeers as Doctor Toadley's assistant in Issues 19 and 20.

Chat and Forums

This user can be constantly found on #mwchat. In the forums, he can be found frequently seeing what's new. His profile is here.


Mario Fan 123



<Mario_Fan_123> How much time to make the userboxes?
<Smasher_101> I don't know.
<Mario_Fan_123> 10 min?
<Smasher_101> My computer won't let me.
<Mario_Fan_123> 20 min?
<Smasher_101> make them.
<Mario_Fan_123> 815696 min?
<Smasher_101> Yes.
<Mario_Fan_123> LOL

Mario Fan 123 and Smasher 101, Chat

<CountBonsula> WarioWare DIE
<Mario_Fan_123> Die?
<CountBonsula> DIY

Mario Fan 123 and Mr bones, Chat

<Mario_Fan_123> YOU.
<Mario_Fan_123> ARE.
<tb> gay

Mario Fan 123 and Toadbert101, Chat

<Mario_Fan_123> The next person to post is totally a n00b.
<Aldo> What MG1?
<Mario_Fan_123> LOL

Mario Fan 123 and Aldo, Chat

      • GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi is now known as GalacticAdventureYoshi
        <MrConcreteDonkey> That's a GAY name
        <Mario_Fan_123> XD
Mario Fan 123, MrConcreteDonkey and Emperor Yoshi, Chat

<Mario_Fan_123> A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. The problem seems to be caused by the following file: Jorge.exe
<MG1> :P

Mario Fan 123 and Marioguy1, Chat


  • Mario Fan has a signed poster of Charles Martinet, Mario's voice actor.
  • Mario Fan's normal signature (--Mario Fan 123(T|C)) has exactly 123 characters, including spaces.

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